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Bizarre Happenings in Cannock Chase, England

Located in Staffordshire England is an area of forest known as Cannock Chase. Cannock Chase not only has a dark history, but has also been known for its supernatural sightings. With murders, ghosts, UFOs, a black eyed girl, black dogs, werewolves, big cats, Bigfoot, Slenderman, and even a pig man, visitors to the forest will definitely not fall short of paranormal experiences.

In the mid 1960s, a series of tragic murders took place within Cannock Chase. The first was that of 9 year old Julia Taylor, who was lured into a car by a man claiming to be a friend of her mother. Her body was later discovered by a passing cyclist. The next two murders were Margaret Reynolds, who was only 6, and Diana Joytift who was only 5. They were found together in a ditch. The final victim was 7 year old Christine Darby found beneath brushwood Fortunately in 1968, after a 10 year old escaped from a man trying to force her into his car, police were able to obtain a license plate number. This, and evidence found in his home, led to the arrest of Raymond Morris. He was convicted and later died at HMP Preston Health Facility.

Whether related to the murders or not, the area is well known for sightings of a black eyed girl. Usually black eyed children, who resemble children except for their our black eyes, are found hitchhiking or standing at your front door, asking for help. No one knows what happens if you help them. However at Cannock Chase, visitors have reported seeing a black eyed girl after hearing strange laughter emanating through the forest. Another visitor reported seeing the girl after hearing screaming.

People have also reported sightings of a pigman on the area. Legend has it that during WWII scientists conducted a series of bizarre experiments. Supposedly they abducted a woman and hypnotized her. They then impregnated her with human-pig DNA seed. The purpose of this was to create a creature that the scientist could experiment on. An entire year later, after they assumed the experiment had failed, the woman gave birth. It was no normal baby. The baby had the head of a pig. Later on the creature disappeared into the woods of Cannock Chase. Now people report seeing a man with the head of a pig creeping around.

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Brown Lady of Raynham Hall ghost photograph, Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Countrylife magazine, 1936. (Via: Wiki)


Helping a lost friend


an 80′s ghost boy (aesthetic request from @vivcnnewestwood)



Late one night, between 1960 and 1962, two RAF officers were travelling by car back from Norwich to RAF Coltishall. Passing over Coltishall Bridge, which straddles the River Bure, they were forced to break as an enormous black dog crossed the road. It slowly turned its head and glared at them and then vanished near the other side of the road. Its build was like a Labrador, only level with the roof of their car (1.35 metres or 53 inches in height). A perfectly proportioned giant black dog.

Another encounter took place in the same area in the 1950s, when a woman and her husband were parked on the Coltishall Bridge at nightfall and saw a black dog about the size of a pony, walking towards them, that then suddenly vanished before reaching the other side of the road.

Yet another encounter was experienced by a man and a woman who swear that a Black Shuck passed them one evening on Coltishall Bridge. They initially heard its footfalls and heavy breathing and turned sharply to see the creature approaching them.

A final sighting was made again on Coltishall Bridge, this time by a middle-aged couple. The man was striking a match to light his wife’s cigarette when a Black dog the size of a Calf, noiselessly, passed within a foot of them.


Lake Murray in South Carolina was created in the early 1930s for hydro-electric power, but soon became the perfect stop for fun. You can boat, kayak, water ski, fish, and simply swim.  It’s a beautiful location with gorgeous scenery.

The only thing that could dampen your day is some rain, or the reports of an agressive lake monster. 

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