Why octopuses are building small “cities” off the coast of Australia

Why octopuses are building small “cities” off the coast of Australia:







Scientists named the octopus cities Octopolis and Octlantis and I just – yes.

wow i hope they invite us to their parties

I saw a documentary about this. Climate change and habitat destruction, while bad, are forcing some octopuses to live closer together, potentially solving a problem that has kept them from being a far more dominant species. They are super smart and very capable of learning from each other but when they live alone, they never get a chance to learn from other generations because their parents leave or die. Now there’s older ones living with younger ones who can pass on knowledge.

#gonna keep getting smarter#eight brains#if we stop killing them they might do alright#octopus#also remember the other day when a bunch came up on the beach to call us on our shit#lol#at least that’s what i’m gonna say was their motive


Wait what?

Lol a bunch of octopuses just crawled up on a beach the other day for no discernible reason and it was like “meh, it’s 2017” and everyone kinda missed it. I found it funny as fuck and decided they were coming out here to tell us all to cut our shit out.


This is how Pacific rim starts y’all