“My immediate family goes to my grandparents’ house once a week to eat and talk or whatever, and…

“My immediate family goes to my grandparents’ house once a week to eat and talk or whatever, and sometimes the more extended family comes too. They live out in the woods near the highway so their backyard is entirely woods. They have a trail in the yard we made for our own type of Halloween trail with a broken boat, coffins, scarecrows, etc. with a clear path made out so there’s places that my sisters and cousins will go play in the woods. 

We were all eating outside and it was starting to get dark a little bit and my cousin, who was about five at the time, was running up and down this dirt path that’s just outside the wooded part. He came back and started yelling about how he saw somebody in the woods and he was scared. We all look and see one or two people in the woods for a split second. Note that everybody there saw these people. We’re like okay, the kids down the road are playing in our woods, it’s whatever. My older cousin, who was maybe 23 or 24, and my grandpa decide to go look in the woods and tell the kids to go home. 

They searched the entire area for nearly an hour and there was not a single person in the woods. They couldn’t find anybody. This was around the same time the new people next door would go through their woods with shotguns and come into the yard when the kids were playing, too. Also, my younger cousin who saw the person in the first place had been seeing imaginary friends around this time. But those people usually would come out and talk to somebody until my grandpa had to threaten them, and I know my cousin wasn’t making it up because we all saw it.

They could not find anybody. My grandparents’ house has a history of weird paranormal shit, and so does that area in general, so we were all pretty weirded out and went inside for the rest of the night. I have no idea if it actually was kids or the neighbors, or something paranormal. But we all saw someone in the woods and they somehow disappeared without making any noise or running out in the open, the literal only place they could go to get out of that part of the woods.”

By: @hairspraybucky