“I actually have a few stories. None of them too major, just creepy things that I’ve seen.

One time a couple years ago I was taking a shower. It was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary happened. So when I was done, I stepped out of the shower and looked to the towel rack so I could grab one to dry myself off. But I see the towel, and there’s a bulge in it, about the same size and shape of a human head. Nothing underneath the towel. It was as if someone was sticking their head through the wall and looking at me through the towel. It looked creepy, but I thought that it could just be the vent underneath it blowing wind into it strangely. So I reached my hand towards it to push the air or whatever it was out of it and touched it. It was solid. It was very solid. I recoiled and jumped back a foot and the shape sunk away again. When I took the towel off the rack, there was nothing underneath it. This scared the hell out of me.

I used to see a dark skinned man wearing a beige suit and tie around my apartment building, just for a split second before he disappeared. I saw him a couple times in the lobby of the building, just sitting there with one leg crossed over the other. I saw him once in my apartment like that too. This one wasn’t terribly creepy, but I thought it was worth mentioning.”

By: ArdensSolis