“I was working at a summer camp as night custodial and security. Hours are 10:00pm to 6:00am. Because of this I get really used to being alone for long hours of time and nighttime weirdness. Everything is… Heightened… At night. Noises spook you even if you know what they are, shadows are much spookier, silence is much more ominous. After three months on the job I’m pretty well inundated to all that though. So when I begin to experience some actual paranormal stuff I’m a little unnerved.

Saw a humanoid shadow cross the road a large distance away in broad daylight during my day off. Chalked it up to poor vision but it with flash like speed and soundlessly.

A group of friends set up a thermal cam in the chapel and got hits of cold spots around 3:00am.

Would hear noises with no discernible sources from certain areas of my office building. Kitchen would always have doors opening and closing.

The hands down creepiest moment though was toward the end of summer. 5:00am twilight and I’m starting my end shift routine of patrolling on a golf cart. I drive up to the crossroads of one of the gym buildings and begin to go up and unlock the doors so campers can get in during the day. 

Before I can do that, however, I see a figure. It’s not twenty feet away from me and it’s looking at me. How do I describe it? Imagine shadow Link with no eyes and a vague formlessness. Now make it child sized with long hair. I assume it’s a camper out of bed before morning wake up call.

As I begin driving the cart too it the figure moves like nothing I’ve ever seen. Faster then I can really track and with no noise at all it runs into the gym. I mean into the wall of the gym building. Again, thinking perhaps I’m seeing things and assuming it’s a camper, I drive to the other side of the building to intercept it (perhaps it ran behind the gym). Of course I arrive to see nothing at all. I then start getting a uncomfortable feeling. Like when you stand in a room with someone who kinda scares you. I say fuck my routine, finish up quick and go to bed. Didn’t even punch my card just figured it out the next day.”

By: [deleted] (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?