“When I was about sixteen, I worked at a haunted house. I had been working there for about 2 years, which was abnormal as they don’t usually allow people under the age of 16 to work there, however, the owner happened to be my Bishop at the time, knew my family was struggling, and offered me a job. I never drove down to the haunted house on my own, as I just rode with the owner to save gas, even when I legally could drive. We usually got off work at about 2-4 am, depending on the night. 

Well one night after work, my Bishop says he needs to stop by the church in our neighborhood on our way home, so me, my Bishop, and his son (he was about 18) stop by the church, and on our way in we all walk into the gym (we were trying to cut through to get to his office on the other side of the church) and upon walking in and turning on the lights we notice this one corner of the room wasn’t being lit up, as if the light couldn’t filter through it. It wasn’t like completely pitch black staring into the nether type dark, but noticeably darker, as if it was harder for the light to shine in that one particular spot. 

Well as soon as we walk in and all see it, the ‘darkness’ or whatever the fuck you would call it, starts slowly fucking MOVING TOWARDS US. Me and the Bishop’s son both just stood there, not sure what was happening, until his father said in a very calm but concerned voice, ‘get out, wait for me in the car.’ 

We both ran out of that church so fast, then ended up waiting about a half an hour for my Bishop to come outside, and when we asked him what happened, he refused to Tell us, and to this day he hasn’t told either me or his son what happened in there. But I will to this day still refuse to step foot in another church.”

By: Steeze32 (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?