Snow Day Horror Movies

While snow days *person over age 60 voice* back in my day were used for what kids today call “binge watching,” and we’d marathon film series like Lord of the Rings; they’re also incredibly great atmospheres for scares.

  • The Shining: great snow-storm movie; claustrophobia in a big space; isolation; and slowly….going….crazy. Its long and drawn own, slowly increasing terror, done by [the ONE AND ONLY] Kubrick who should have done many more horror films than he did. Ghosts, creepy scenery that probably gave David Lynch a springboard with some of his elements on Twin Peaks, a gorgeous scoring, and a great story. Good with spiked hot chocolate.
  • 30 Days of Night: a vampire classic, what happens when vampires realize there are entire towns up north where there are whole months of darkness? A group of humans that didn’t leave for the long stretch of night fend off a group of vampires that slowly starts to pick them off.
  • Also its source material, 1951′s B-Movie The Thing From Another Planet is ridiculous 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: You’ve probably scene this a thousand times. If you haven’t seen the film in a while, do yourself a favor and block the Hot Topic commercialization of the characters from memory and give it a watch. Its dark, genuinely cult-worthy quirky, and displays an amazing mesh of both Selick and Burton’s visual and directorial styles.
  • Gremlins: look, if fluffy little critters turning into slimy demons and a random side story about a decomposing Santa impostor in a chimney aren’t enough to warrant its place on this list, then I don’t know what you want. Fun fact: this was the film alongside Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that convinced the MPAA to add a “PG-13″ to their ratings list.
  • Alien Vs. Predator: does this even count as a horror movie? I don’t care, but it opens and ends in the snow, takes place (like The Thing) in Antarctica, it counts as a snow movie. However, unlike The Thing, this probably won’t make you lose your appetite, Popcorn movie nonsense. Netflix and Fios call it a horror movie.
  • Krampus: It’s actually not a bad movie based on the folktale of the Krampus (a goat-man-monster that punishes the bad children) a family with issues getting along during the holidays (aka a normal family) and others are terrorized by the monster and its minions. Technically a horror-comedy? Not my personal thing, but points for bringing the Krampus to main the main stream.
  • Van Helsing: Speaking of “horror-comedy” the laughs are unintentional as this movie did NOT age well. Its ridiculous, absurd, and only several notches higher in quality than a SyFy original movie. That being said, its a lot of fun, and once again, a good popcorn movie if you’ve never seen it.
  • Snow-Piercer: It went under the radar unfortunately. After the attempts at countering global warming with artificial weather, Earth is now in a permanent ice age. Some of the last of humanity’s survivors are all on an endlessly moving train , where the poor ride at the back of the train in horrific conditions cut off from the rest of the cars, that are increasingly rich as you reach towards the engine. Scary, though not technically horror.
  • Dreamcatcher: I don’t think Steven King likes snow. Anyway, I didn’t want to include this becuase its literally the exact same premise as The Thing and Alien, but I’ve been informed by google that its one of the top snowstorm movies. Its like Deliverance but instead of demonic hillbillies you get parasitic aliens.
  • Misery: I really don’t think Steven King likes snow.
  • The Mothman Prophecies: more suspense than horror, this cryptid classic is a cold movie on the sightings of the main-stay cryptid that happened leading up to the tragedy of the bridge collapse in Point Pleasant. Nightmarish and strange, its a movie with a slow build and increasing anxiety.