“I had the house to myself for the weekend and had let the dog out the back to pee pretty late in the night. I’d gone out with her to have a look at the stars and moon seeing as it was clear for once, pretty rare in Wales. A few minutes later I hear low growling noise, it’s the dog. She was on the patio, with a defensive stance and growling up at the roof, which was strange enough seeing as I’d never heard her growl in years. 

I look up where she’s looking and the best way to describe it would be as a large but skinny creature. It looked like a human from the silhouette I could see, but hunched on all fours, a large bulbous head maybe twice the size of a man’s and limbs that seemed have an extra joint or very long hands. It walked from one end of the roof to the other and I got the distinct impression that it was looking at me. I pretty much shat myself, dragged the dog inside and locked the doors and windows. The dog insisted on staying in my room that night, and she would lift her head up anytime there was an odd scratching noise from the attic.

Never saw anything like that again after that night, dog went back to never staying in my room and all was well. It just creeped me out something fierce, especially since it looked so solid, like an actual thing and not a ghost or whatever.”

By: EntoBrad (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?