“When I was a kid, my childhood home had doors to the attic in both the upstairs rooms. My dad didn’t want us messing around in there though (I had two brothers, so we were a small gang of boys always messing around with everything), so we set up our big, tall wooden shelves for books, the TV, school supplies, ect. in front of the doors in each room. They were heavy as hell, and full of stuff so he knew we wouldn’t be able to move them and go into the attic.

I was home alone one night, age 11 or so, in my room watching TV. I ran downstairs to grab a soda and came back in no time at all.

When I got back to the room, the huge shelf had been dragged to the side and the attic door was all the way open… I noped right the hell out of there, turned on every light in the house, and called my dad’s friend to come get me… 

When my parents got home, we didn’t know what to think. My dad and his friend moved the shelf back, and we all went to bed. I slept in my brothers bed though… 

It could have been a super strong, silent hobo escaping from our house… But that doesn’t make me feel any better about it… I’m still not sure what the hell that was about.

By: MeanBob312 (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?