What is your scariest experience if you'v…

What is your scariest experience if you've had one?

Nothing paranormal (yet) but I did have one that that was extremely terrifying at the time!

I think I mentioned this on here once but I’ll write a longer version for fun. Once when I was a kid (young teens, I think?), my sister and I were staying at my cousin’s house for the evening. My parents and aunt and uncle had all gone out to dinner together, and my older cousin had gone to see a movie, so it was me, my sister, my younger cousin, and her friend, all at the house alone. 

They lived in a moderately safe neighborhood–not so dangerous that we were scared to be alone, but over the years both my cousins have been robbed at gunpoint around town, so… there’s that. Anyway, we were just chilling in my younger cousin’s room when we decided to go out to the kitchen to get some food. Their house was only one floor, with the kitchen in the center. From there you could see pretty much the whole house, and the back wall had a sliding glass door that led out to their huge screened-in porch and (tall fenced) backyard. Even with all the windows at standing-height, it had always felt secure to me. 

So anyway, as we were walking, we heard this knocking on the glass door. My cousin gasped and yelled for us to go back into her room so we all followed, of course. When we got back in, she said she saw someone looking in the door and knocking on the window. We covered up all the windows in her room and turned off the lights so the person couldn’t see in. One of us called our parents but they didn’t believe us and wouldn’t come home (classic horror movie parents, right?). So, we stayed in her room and played card games or something until my cousin got up the courage to go out and turn the security system on. The little control panel was in the hallway about five feet from her door so we weren’t too worried. 

She went out and turned it on, but screamed and ran back in, saying she saw the same person at the glass door. Of course we all freaked out, thinking this meant that the person wasn’t going to leave (but not come in, I guess? I’m not sure what we thought was going to happen). So we all stayed in her room and eventually calmed down again, played some more card games, talked about tween stuff, I don’t know. 

Then, all the sudden we heard the front door bang open, and the burglar alarm went off. I remember all four of us looked at each other and screamed, then scattered to hide. My sister and cousin jumped into this little space in the corner next to the bed, leaving me and the friend with nowhere to go. I decided to be the hero and went to lock the door (why it wasn’t locked before, I have no idea. We were stupid.), then tried to hide in the closet, but it was too full of stuff for me to get in. The friend and I decided to hide under a blanket on the bed (not sure how we thought this would protect us. Again, we were stupid). 

We all listened as these heavy footsteps came straight to the bedroom door and unlocked it (it was one of those where you could easily unlock it from the other side with a flathead screwdriver or even your fingernails), and I think we were all sure we were going to get murdered. We heard the door open, and a voice we immediately recognized as my older cousin’s going “WAAAAAH.”

After we all looked up from our hiding places at my older cousin, he just went, “hey guys, why did you guys turn the burglar alarm on?”

At this point, we figured he had been behind the whole thing, so we just started yelling at him for scaring us. After we turned the alarm off, he insisted that it wasn’t him and that he had just gotten home, and he even showed us his ticket stub as proof (the movie he had gone to see was The Last Airbender so I guess we all had our share of horrors that night). Finally, our parents got home and we told them the whole thing. They assured us it was just my older cousin pranking us with my younger cousin playing along (they were both definitely the type to do something like that, they’d always been troublemakers. Also as seen before, we were all foolish children at the time, so we would easily fall for such a thing). 

The only thing that doesn’t totally make sense is that my cousin mentioned how the movie ended while he was complaining about it. I guess I could see him leaving halfway through because it sucked so much, and subsequently coming home and scaring us, and I guess someone could have just told him how it ended before he saw it and that’s how he knew, but still. That part has always given me pause. 

Looking back, I think it was all a joke my cousins played on us, but it was still the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me.