“When I was young, maybe like, 7, my dad and I went camping a lot, accompanied by his friend, his friend’s wife and his daughter. And each time we went camping, it was in the same place, a completely normal mountain with no particular gory history or weird feeling.

That being said, one night I woke up for no reason in particular. It wasn’t a scary reason, I just simply, got up and walked out of the tent and got face to face with a figure about 30 feet away. The figure must have been like 6 feet tall, looked like it was wearing a cowboy hat, and I distinctly remember it taking one step back. And I just stared, and it stared back. 

Eventually, whatever it was, backed off and turned it’s back on me, slowly backing off of the campsite and into the trees. And I went back into the tent. Speaking truthfully, when I think of it today, I think it’s funny. Ghost or not, I saw something wearing a cowboy hat in basically the middle of nowhere. It’s also a little creepy though I guess, because human or not, it wasn’t supposed to be there.”

By: Anonymous