undomielle:Huldra,  skogsrå, Tallemaja or uld…



skogsrå, Tallemaja or ulda is a dangerous and seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. (their name derives from a root meaning “covered” or “secret”.) They often appear wearing a wildflower crown with long beautiful hair; though from behind they are hollow like an old tree trunk and has an animal’s tail. They may also appear nude in their most basic form, or disguise themselves and hide among humans, masquerading as farm maidens. If a human manages to somehow see their back or tail, the spell is broken and the human is no longer susceptible to the huldra’s seductive advances.

One of their methods is to appear suddenly out of the rain and mist, friendly and enticing to the point that no man can resist their charm. They then lures them into the forest (underground or into their cave) in order to secure their freedom or sometimes to suck the life out of a man.

Huldras are inherently deceptive and evil, but has also been said to respond to the treatment they receive. If treated kindly, they have been known to use their magic to help humans and solve their problems. If treated unkindly, they can be hateful and vengeful.

The males are called Huldrekall (hulder man), huldu, or huldrekarl are often said to be hideous in appearance and have grotesquely long noses.