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Cryptid Profile: The Hawley Him

Everybody knows the story; on October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin managed to record a “real” Sasquatch on camera while out in Bluff Creek, California. The creature -known forever after as Paddy- was captured for 59.5 seconds on 954 frames of film that when physically stretched out, measures only 23.85 feet long. This amateur film, although short and extremely shaky, went on to change the world as we know it. The film proved that monsters were no longer things of fairy tales, they were real, and people were ready to see them.

Three years after the release of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, monster fever took hold of the nation. Witnesses started coming forward from all over the country to share stories of their personal sightings and encounters with the tall hairy beasts known as Bigfoot. It seemed that almost every small town had its own resident monster simply show up over night. Articles appeared in countless newspapers in almost every state talking about how large, hairy, unknown creatures were being seen lurking around just inside the tree line. Spreading tales of how drivers had near collisions with large footed beasts running across moonlit roads at night. And some went as far as to create near panic by sharing the stories of off the grid homeowners being assaulted by some overly aggressive, putrid smelling, unseen things.

The articles were so numerous that many monsters became local “celebrities” in their area and even went on to be well known throughout the world. Others weren’t as lucky though, and these throwaway beasts were quickly forgotten by most readers outside of their affected areas and were left to fade in obscurity.

The following account below is of one of those forgotten monsters.

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