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Hell Hound

A creature that permeates folklore, mythos and beyond, the Hell Hound goes by many names and takes many forms. It is Garmr in Norway, Cerberus in Greece, and a nameless malevolent entity in others. In European lore, the sight or sound of a Hellhound supposedly means death is around the corner or some sort of tragedy is going to happen. The Hellhound, unsurprisingly, has links to the Devil. Legend has it that a Hellhound will kill a person who has made a deal with a demon, thus allowing their soul to be harvested. In some cases, the presence of a Hellhound is enough to kill people! The victims are actually said to be literally scared to death. People have also been thought to have gone insane from being haunted by this creature.

A recent sighting of the cryptid was in 2010, where a group of young men in Jacksonville, Florida had an encounter with what they think were Hellhounds. The group was messing around at a local baseball park at night. As they walked from one part of the park to another, they felt the temperature drop suddenly and significantly. As they walked on, one of the guys saw a creature out of the corner of his eye. It was a dog, its body was about seven feet long and its head “looked like a hollowed-out tiger’s skull”. The creature began to run towards them and then prepared to climb the fence that separated them. It pulled its right hind leg over its body and, twisting its spine unnaturally, grabbed onto the top of the fence and heaved itself over. According to the group, the creature disappeared when it hit the ground. It broke into three smaller dogs instead, all with glowing eyes. When the dogs gave chase, the young men ran off, narrowly avoiding a certain run-in that could have resulted in their untimely demise. One of the men described the encounter as being like “staring death in the face”; he felt a primal fear like he had never felt before.