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{Ghillie Dhu} by {Artemis Kolakis}

{Mythical Creatures- Ghillie Dhu}

The Scottish Ghillie Dhu are solitary Fairies with black hair who live in trees and wear clothing made of leaves and moss. A benevolent fairy who is said to haunt a birch grove at the end of Loch Druing near Gairloch. They wre once very shy, docile creatures that lived alone in birch trees protecting the woods around them from destruction by man or nature. They lived upon berries and nuts and created warm round nests from plant fiber, however, as their habitat in the Scottish forest dwindled, the ghillie dhunot only became more accustomed to man – though remaining terribly shy and silent – but also began sending emigrants to other parts of the world. Those who stayed in the forest have lost almost all contact with the both the natural and supernatural worlds, continually moving to areas of greater isolation and only occasionally contacted by lost humans whom they comfort and redirect. However those who picked the path of human contact have become some of the most well-known and loved fairies in the English-speaking world. Choosing a role that allowed them to exercise their love and wish to care for human children, while still maintaining a shy distance, these ghillie dhu as a group perform the services ascribed to the singular “Tooth Fairy.” Living in back yards and parks, these ghillie dhu only visit children by night, in order to collect their teeth (which they use to cast protective magic for that child).