What sort of Fae folklore do you have? Or any…

What sort of Fae folklore do you have? Or any Icelandic lore?

Hi there! The people of Iceland take their folkloric creatures very seriously, and regard them as ‘real’. (Creatures such as elves, huldufolk, etc). I unfortunately don’t have a lot on fae folklore (perhaps thats a wake up call for me to create some posts), but I can absolutely provide you with some links. Fae folklore stretches across some cultures, mostly Northern European ones. Fae folklore is also not exclusive to what one thinks of ‘as a fairy’. Some other faerie creatures can include brownies, trolls, elves, and ~the undead~. Faerie folklore is also rather political too, as there is two ‘courts’ of faeries (Seelie and Unseelie). I’m not going to dive into it all right now, but I may consider this for a post later. 

icelandic folklore:



http://oaks.nvg.org/iceland-tales.html (this includes some folktales)


fae folk: 






(vistardisofelphame has excellent faerie information and is a trusted factualfolklore source.)