cryptid-wendigo: The Boston Lemur has been se…


The Boston Lemur has been seen a few times by some quite credible people in and around Boston, Massachusetts. One night in July, 2008, Red Sox Senior Advisor Bill James claimed to see a strange creature he at first thought was a cat. But upon closer inspection, he noticed the eyes on the side of its head, the “pug-like” face, speckled grey fur, and a tail “like a broomstick handle”. He watched the animal for a little while and reported that it walked with “an odd sashaying motion”. He stopped watching when the creature ducked under a parked car. Other sightings have happened up to 20 or so miles outside Boston – in Sherborn, Massachusetts. 

Bill James later called animal control who told him that it was the first lemur sighting on record in Boston. The Franklin Park Zoo was contacted, but all their lemurs were accounted for.