guuuuuuys I gotta tell you a story.

So I recently left my job at Whole Foods to work at a horse barn with my friend. The owner is a super sweet woman but she’s recently ran into the shittiest luck. AnYWAYS, last week I went with my friend to shadow for the job and to help her out because she injured her ankle. When we first pull in I immediately sensed something

™. As the day progresses and I’m mucking stalls and whatnot, I have to go out back of the barn to dump horse crap. Every time I did my hair would stand up and I just felt like I was being watched. I kinda kept this to myself because I’m an anxious shit and never trust my intuition.  I finally talked about it with my friend and kinda started it off with the disclaimer “yo I know I’m weird but I need to tell you something…”. SHE THEN TELLS ME that she feels the same thing and that our boss actually sages the fucking barn once a month and has had people come in and try to get rid of whatever the fuck is there because it keeps harassing my boss and the horses. So anyways welcome to my ted talk the horse barn I work at is haunted.