Mary Kings CloseLocated in Edinburgh, Scotland…

Mary Kings Close

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland is one of the most haunted
locations in the world: Mary Kings Close. Mary Kings Close is a collection of tenements
and winding streets dating back to the 1600s which are now all underground.
When it was functioning, the close was a horrible place to live. Some of the
tenements were up to seven stories high, effectively blocking out any sunlight
from entering the streets below. There was no proper sewage system, so
residents of the close would just dump out all of their waste into the street.
By 1645 there were about 500 people living in and around the close. As a result
of the dirty conditions in which the inhabitants lived, the Black Death soon
spread rapidly. Over half of the population lay dead or dying. In order to
combat the disease it is said that city officials quarantined all of the close
residents into their homes. None, including the healthy, were allowed to leave.
This was effectively a death sentence for all within the close.

Ever since the 17th century the close was thought
to be haunted. People would see strange shadowy figures darting from building
to building. Others have heard the sounds of footsteps echoing down the empty
streets when no one else was around. One ghost that haunts the streets is known
as the Black Lady. Appearing in a black dress, her apparition has been seen by many.
However the most famous ghost to live in the close is a little girl called
Annie. Annie likes to haunt a particular room in the close. She has been seen
by many people appearing sad and lost. Psychic and mediums who have gone into her
room  believe that she was actually not a resident of the close. She just
happened to be walking down the street when guards came, pushed her into a home
and quarantined her. Now people leave toys and sweets for Annie in an effort to
cheer her up.