Colors and their meanings and uses


So, we always hear about what colors correspond to what types of holidays, rituals, and times of year. However, what do the colors themselves mean?

Well, buckle up because you’re about to find out.



Many people associated black with evil or malintent, however it can mean quite the opposite. Some common meanings and uses of this color include:

– Removing Negativity, Banishing, and Cleansing

If you feel there is a negative energy or spirit in your or someone else’s house, life, mind, or anything else you can think of, black is the color to use. Even though black is usually seen by TV shows and books as the “evil” color, it is actually quite useful when it comes to removing negativity.

– The Unconscious

Think of your mind as a house. Your conscious being is illuminated, similar to a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. You know where everything is and you can see it. Your unconscious would be the attic or the basement: dark, mysterious, and sometimes you’re afraid to delve deeper. Black represents the darkness found in the unconscious, helping connect you to the mystery of the untouched parts of your mind.

– Releasing

If you have pent up emotions that you need to release, black can help you get there. I personally think of it as a vial of ink, bottled up words yet to be written with countless stories and possibilities, that is knocked over, spilling ink all over, releasing everything it holds within it’s black sheen.

– Focusing and Finding Your Center

Black is a firm color, remniscent of deep, rich soil. It is a firm ground you can always turn to whenever you feel lost. Within it you can find yourself and countless reasons to hold on.



– A Substitute

So, this is kinda basic. Yeah, I know. But white makes a great substitution for any color you don’t have access to, as white light is the combination of all colors. Essentially, don’t feel like you have to spend money to procure, let’s say, an orange candle for a specific ritual. As I like to say, if you have white it’s alright.

– Purification and Innocence

White is a pure and innocent color, simple yet powerful. Use it when you want to clean energies—not banish negative energies, but rejuvinate old, positive energies—or when you want to reminisce on simpler days.

– Spirituality, Higher Power, and Enlightment

White is the color to go to when seeking guidance from general spirits and general higher powers/energies. However, if you are working with specific entities or deities, make sure to check to see if they have their own color correspondences.



– Stability

If you feel your life is chaotic and just want to have some stability in your life, silver is the color to go to. A spell or a ritual involving the color, or visualizing it while doing a ritual, can help bring a balance to whatever you are working with.

– Neutralizing and Removing Influences

Silver is another good color when it comes to removing any influences in your life, whether they are negative or just plain annoying.



– Wealth and Financial Gain

If you want to bring luck to your life, especially when it comes to money, gold can help you get there. Creating a sigil with a gold marker or pen can help add that extra financial flair you’re looking for.

– Persuasion and Confidence

When I think of gold I think of warmth, excellence, and golden rays of sunlight. These remind me of a certain confidence we all hope to have one day; we can become our own beams of sunshine. Using the color gold can help boost your confidence and your persuasion skills by showing people the light within you.



– Love, Romance, and Friendships

When performing a love spell, whether it deals with self love, romantic love, platonic love, or familial love, use pink. It is a color that just pours its love and affection out, and using the color can help your harness that energy.

– Anxiety and Depression

Now, when you see anxiety and depression as two of the meanings, you may be confused. However, pink is a color that heals the soul, and it can help lower the feeling of dread that can overwhelm you at times. (Please know, that going to a professional therapist and doctor is ALWAYS the first step, not a spell, no matter what medical affliction you may have. Witchcraft is an aid, not an answer.)



– Magical Abilities

Purple is the color often used to represent magical abilities as a whole. With it comes an energy that feels unlike anything you’ve felt before, something truly amazing. Embrace that energy and you will find that a whole new world will open before your eyes.

-Sleep and Dream Magick

If you want to create a spell to cause certain dreams or to aid your sleep, purple is the color to use. It is reminiscent of the many worlds our subconscious creates for us when we let the curtain of sleep take over us, an endless world of possibilities.

– Meditation and Astral Projection

When meditating or trying to astral project, it may be useful to visualize the color purple flowing throughout you like a cosmic energy. Let it bring you closer to what you once thought was too far away to access; let it bring you closer to the stars.

– Wisdom and Inspiration

If you require wisdom or inspiration, whether it be in witchcraft or some other aspect of life, the color purple can help you get there. It is a creative color, as shown through it’s association through dreams and overall magic, let it guide you to a solution. Often if I am working on homework that requires a little bit of creativity and hit a block, I’ll get out one of my purple pens and start doing the work with that, letting the ideas flow through me and onto the paper. This isn’t limited to just writing or art, however, as even math and science require a creative mind.

– Power

Purple has long been the color of royalty and power, and it can be used as such in your spells. Use it to increase the power of any spell that you wish to perform.



– Water and Weather

When working with either the element water (whether in a symbolic sense or you’re working with an elemental) or working with the weather, use blue to connect you to these wonders of nature.

– Harmony and Peace

These meanings trace back to water, taking water’s calm and sharing it with the world. Think of it as sitting on the beach, letting the cool water gently caress your legs as you think about the amazing life you’ve been given. Within the blue seas you find peace and harmony, let is seep into your soul and your life.

– Loyalty and Protection

Blue represents loyalty and protection. Use it in spells involving protecting yourself and others, as your loyalty to your friends goes hand in hand with protecting them.

– Mind and Inner Light

Almost a cross between purple and gold, blue is another great color to connect to your mind and share your light with the world.



– Earth and Nature

If you wish to connect more to our planet in a ritual, use the color green. Think of the grass, the forests, and all of the other life sprawling across this planet.

 – Money and Abundance

If you want to make sigils or spells to draw money to you, use a green candle, pen, paper, or whatever tool you may be using.

– Headaches, Colds, and Nervousness

Green can help remedy ailments. Think of the Earth taking you into her arms, soothing you of all of your pain. Use green when doing spells and rituals to calm your mind and sense. (If you have chronic migraines and headaches, please go see a doctor. They will give you prescription medicine to help, and it’s what I use whenever I get a bad mirgraine, not a spell.)



– Spirits and Realms

If you need to contact a spirit or any entity from another realm, yellow can be useful. I will say that personally I rarely use yellow when contacting spirits, however I know many people who do and it significantly helps.

– Air

Since air is something that we cannot literally see, yellow is the color often used to respresent the element.

– Intelligence and Learning

Yellow is a great color to use for spells when it comes to studying for school and doing well on tests. Sometimes I’ll draw sigils in my yellow pen when I’m freaking out about a test.

– Skin, Stomach, and Menstrual

If you’re doing any spells or rituals dealing with these parts of the body, use yellow in your tools to enhance its effects.



– Control and Authority

If you need to increase your control over certain parts of your life, orange is a great color to use. It’s a powerful color with a mind of its own and you can use it to show others you have those traits, too.

– Sudden Change and Adaptability

Orange can help you deal with change, similar to the season fall, where the temperatures drops and all of the green changes to orangey hues. Imagine yourself as a strong oak who is not going to deny change and embraces it instead.


– Fire

Strong, powerful, and unpredictable, red is the color representing the element fire.

– Passion and Sex

Being two of its most common associations, passion and sex are fueled by red’s flame. Any spells and rituals dealing with increasing passion in your love life can use red to help increase its effectiveness.

– Life, Birth, and Death

Red also represents the phases of life, so if you want to make a spell dealing with age or death, red is the color to use.

– Blood

Any blood magic should include the color red. However, blood magic is VERY advanced and VERY dangerous, so please wait until you are very experienced and make sure to stay safe when doing any such magic.

– Health, Strength, and Vigor

Any general spells dealing with someone’s well being and strength can use red to help increase it’s effects. This ties in with blood, as it is the key to our physical bodies.

Well, if you’ve read through all of this thank you so much! I just want to state that these are not the only meanings, just some, and everyone has their own personal correspondences.

Have a great day!