Could you recommend a couple of your favorite …

Could you recommend a couple of your favorite scary story podcasts? I need something to keep me awake at my office job and a lot of scary story ones tend to get. Well. Ableist or racist or some other -ist that kinda spoils it all for me xD

Oh HONEY. I’ve got you on this one. 😊

The No Sleep Podcast – Probably the best damn horror story podcast I’ve found to date. Amazing two-hour episodes with full-production stories and original music every week. Hugely talented cast of voice actors and authors, and a community which embraces and celebrates diversity. (I recommend starting with C.M. Scandreth’s “A Seaside British Pub” and the full-length sequel “Return to a Seaside British Pub” from Season 10.) Season passes are available and they are WORTH EVERY PENNY.

And That’s Why We Drink – Ghost stories, true crime, and general wackiness from best buds Em and Christine, with occasional cameos from the adorable Gio. There’s a fair amount of rambling in each episode, but it really feels like sitting down with friends and listening to some wild-ass stories.

The Cryptid Keeper Podcast – If creepy creatures and mythical monsters are what butters your crumpet, have a sitdown with Alex and Addison for tales of their favorite scary (or friendly) bois. Jokes are rampant, but the hosts are very aware of cultural context and show a great deal of respect for it, as well as pointing out problematic elements when they appear.

Lore – History is a strange place. Author Aaron Mahnke dives headfirst into the pages of the past and kicks up all manner of monsters, murderers, hauntings, and mysteries. If you’re a history buff or a lover of folklore, you’ll find plenty to love. This is less scary than interesting, as far as I’m concerned, but the subject matter is often very creepy.

There are SO many others out there, and I’ve got half a dozen waiting in my Stitcher favorites that I haven’t had time to get into just yet, but these should be enough to get you started.