4orror: Loveland Frogman March 3, 1972. A poli…



March 3, 1972. A police officer was traveling
along Riverside Road traveling to Loveland. The officer said he was driving
slowly due to the ice buildup on the road. The saw what looked like a dog by
the curb, the animal darted in front of the cruiser, the officer slammed on the
breaks to avoid a collision with the creature.

Once the police vehicle came to
a stop its headlights fell upon the animal, the officer described something
most people would call fake. In the span of seconds, the crouched frog-like
creature stood on two legs, stared back at the police car, then scrambled over
the guardrail and ran down disappearing into the Little Miami River. The
officer described the creature as being 3-to-4 feet tall and weighing about 75
pounds, he said the skin had leathery texture and that the animals features
resembled that of a frog or lizard.

Another officer investigated the scene
later that evening, he saw no signs of the creature, but reported that there
were distinct scratch-marks on the guardrail where the animal purportedly
crossed. On March 17 of that year another officer saw the exact same creature
in a near-by area. (x)