My sister brought up how people always draw the Sidhe in like clothing from the 1600s and I got really excited to discuss it because in folklore they are almost always mentioned to be wearing modern clothing for the time or also commonly clothing just a few decades behind, so it stands to reason that any member of the Gentry you meet today would consider a corset as old-fashioned as you do but then Brie said

“there’s a lot of discussion that they’re about ten years behind,” and she said it as if to go on about the way time passes differently between faerie and here in folklore but I couldn’t fucking focus because she was just glossing over what she just said as if she hadn’t just

Insinuated that if you met the Sidhe today they’d be dressed like it’s 2009. As if I were just supposed to ACCEPT that information and move ON with the conversation!!!!

Imagine wandering into a revel in midsummer this year and Shake It by metro station is playing

Someone: you have the sight?? What’s it like???

The Sidhe:

Me: hngggg