get under a doorframe because you’re about to …

it’s me again, I’m back from hibernation. excuses under the cut.

So it’s been several months of radio silence from me but I wanted to queue up my inbox and let you guys know I’m still here! During the months I was gone (or has it been a year? It might have been a year…) I graduated college, moved 1000 miles across the country, started a new job, worked a little on my 5000 hobbies (including finishing my very first short story which I am so excited about I just had to tell someone so sorry to flex), little by little tried to get my life together, and of course completely ignored you guys! (Kidding but for real I am sorry)

So I scheduled about a month’s worth of y’all’s submissions alone, and I might poke around on reddit for some more stories so this blog will be active for a little longer. That being said, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your stories. That’s always been something I appreciated about this blog–you guys participating :,)

Anyway, I sent out some messages today about story dates, and for those I wasn’t able to message for some reason:

  • The Cat Statue will post on March 11th
  • My Dad’s House will post on March 15th
  • I played Patsy Jefferson at her house, and her spirit said hello will post on March 20th

So yeah, stories will start posting on Wednesday, and after that, 3 times per week until the last week of March! Enjoy and don’t get too scared!