Lawnmower Dude

So I was like 7 when this happened and my brother was 13. Me and my brother used to love watching Paranormal Activity and scary shows at night. We used to scare each other, taking inspiration from the shows and such.

One time after binge watching a whole season of a scary show, we were getting ready for bed. He was brushing his teeth and I was waiting behind him so I could brush afterwards. We have a window in our bathroom that we would open (that led to our backyard we also didn’t have an air conditioner in our bathroom) and we would close it after we finished brushing our teeth.

Well that night, I was waiting for my turn to brush my teeth. I was sitting on the toilet lid looking out our open window. My brother was drying his face when we hear a loud crash outside. My brother and I look out the window and we see a man. Mind you that my mom and dad were in the living room. But the scary thing about it was that the man was mowing the lawn with a Cross on his back. The man turned his face towards us, and I swear me and my brother nearly passed out. Cause it looked very similar to the supposedly ‘ghost’ that we saw on our show earlier.

After that, we continued watching our scary shows and continued seeing the man in the most random-est places. Me and my brother are way older now and grew out of watching scary shows and the lawnmower dude never appeared again. But I’m still worked up about it.”

By: @normal-i-suppose