“So, I’ve always had a connection to the weird. I get those feelings, and the place turns out to be haunted. I have nightmares, then something bad happens. I hear three knocks, and somebody dies. It’s always happened. This story, I didn’t have a part in.

My brother was very… uptight. He thought he knew everything, ya know, one of those guys. Not anymore. Him and my mom were driving home one day (I live right next to a farm, my house is in the woods) and my brother was arguing about something I don’t know what, but he suddenly stops when the start to pass the farm field. My mom looks over and she said she immediately stepped on the gas. They both saw a man, dressed in all black, standing on the side of the road. When my mom sped up, my brother turned around and he wasn’t there anymore.

A couple years later, my friend drove up to my house, and was crying when she got out of her car… she saw the same guy standing at the top of my road.

We never found out if he was real or not but it was sure as hell creepy.”

By: @motherofdraggingthesehoes