Are you still here?

“Trigger warnings: Death, mention of death

So back in November, our best friend (let’s call her L to make this easier) died in a car crash. It was just sad because she was our best friend and she was only 20. So recently we went to visit L’s family, since we’re still close and it’s a nice feeling to get over the fact that she’s dead. And her mom told us a few interesting things.

A few days before L’s death, she had a dream where her mother was carrying a urn and crying. And her family visiting. Yet she was invisible and no one could hear her. Two days after that dream, she got into that crash. After the funeral and cremation. The mother brought back the urn with L’s ashes and processed to cry and telling all the family visiting to leave. Just like in L’s dream. It wasn’t till a bit later that the mother realized L had dreamed of the aftermath of her death.

A few days after L’s ashes are brought home, a mysterious note showed up on her desk. Mind you, we had been in her room after the funeral. Her desk was messy but there was no paper of any kind on the desk. The note had writing in pencil and blue ink on top of the pencil. And the weird thing is that it was filled with answer to the questions her mom was asking her (mom still talks out loud to L sometimes). The mom was singing amazing grace and long and behold there’s a few lines of amazing grace. The mom had asked what color urn L wanted. Blue or purple. Long and behold, blue ink and random section saying “blue….blue…”. And it’s definitely L’s writing. 6 years of seeing her writing, I know it’s hers. 

L’s mom though she was going crazy cause not just one, but TWO notes appeared. The second one was more incoherent than the first one. Which makes us think it’s an evil spirit taking advantage of L’s mothers sadness.

One more thing. Whenever someone walks into L’s room. Some weird thing will happen. Either her bed will squeak, which only happens if someone sit on it. Or the bird in there will go crazy. Or her closet door will move.
It’s just weird. I don’t know what to think of all of it. But it makes for a good story so long and behold…

TL;DR: Friend dies in car crash. Turns out she saw the aftermath of her death a few days before her death. Two weird notes appear in her room. And weird things happen in her rooms.”

By: @the-peach-from-space