”So I don’t have one set story but I have a bunch of little ones. 

For a little backstory I work in a nursing home in the housekeeping department and I do the laundry, which is in the basement. I go in at 4:30 am. There’s only me at this time until about 7 when the two maintenance workers come in, their office is at the opposite end of where I am. Sometimes a girl comes in at 7 also to work with me, but other than that I’m alone until 7. 

The basement especially is very haunted. A worker even died inside the laundry room where I work (No joke). I’m not trying to sound crazy but I know ghosts and spirits gravitate towards me. I’ve been told I’m very intuitive and have even had dreams that have come true and predicted things. Anyway so here are some things that have happened.

  • One time I was walking down the hallway it was very early, I had gone to the bathroom. I was walking back down the hall and I heard footsteps beside me and felt like someone was right there. I whipped around and no one was there.
  • I was walking out of the laundry room and on one side of the hallway there is clothes for the residents hanging on a rack. There was a few things but not much. I was walking by the wall on the side opposite of the clothes and all the sudden I heard like a metal on mental scratching noise. Like a hanger moving on the metal rack. I turn around and there’s one article of clothing moving like sometime had touched it, just one. Here is a picture of the hallway:
  • We usually keep the door open to the hallway. I usually open it as soon as I get in the laundry room. There’s a table in the middle and you can see the hallway out of the corner of your eye. I’m standing at the table doing my work and I see this white figure walk by the door and I freeze for a second. Then I go out in the hallway and there is no one there, from that point I keep the door closed until 7. If it by chance was somebody you can hear the hallway door close it’s really loud, I heard nothing. 
  • Some other little things are that I’ll be in the back in the dirty linen room sorting the clothes to put in the wash. And there are bins inside the laundry room where you put the clean linen in to fold it. The bins are very noisy and squeak. When I’m in the back room sometimes I hear those bins move and I’ll go to the door and look out and nobody is there. Brooms will fall from places where they are securely set. I see things out of the corner of my eye a lot dashing across the room.
  • Today actually I had just come in and gone upstairs, it was about 4:40am. One of the nurses asked me, ‘did you call here?’ I was confused I said, ‘did I call here? No.’ She asked when exactly I had come in? I said I got there at 4:30. She said at 4 she got a call from the laundry room (the phone tells you what department is calling) and when she picked up it was just a dial tone. A lot doesn’t freak me out but that did. 
  • When I pay stuff like that more attention more stuff happens. I walked passed a room before I went downstairs and heard someone walking I looked in and no one was there, a broom crashed to the floor in the laundry room and I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye after she told me about the phone thing. I usually brush most of the things off but a few freak me out. 

That’s just some of the things I’ve experienced and I know other people in the building have seen and heard some things too.

Now here are just a few things I’ve personally experienced and my brothers real quick in my house. We all believe my room is haunted. When you go in there you just feel like someone is watching you and it’s this intense feeling. When my brothers were younger they heard a baby crying in the hallway. When I was little my mom would sleep with me sometimes and I had my back turned to her and woke up. It sounded like she was talking in the hall but when I turned over she was sleeping next to me. 

In my bed I have felt like a cat was jumping and walking on my bed and when I looked over my cat was sleeping on the floor. If me and my mom went on vacation my brother would sometimes sleep in my bed with my dog cause that’s where she sleeps. He told me he felt little cat footprints walking all around him but when he looked my cat again was on the floor. He’s seen a dark figure and other things have happened. 

I went into my photos on my iPhone one morning and saw that somehow a weird picture had been taken when I was sleeping. Just the other night I woke up and felt like someone was looking at me and I saw the outline of a women. That’s just some of the things I’ve experienced.”

By: @melindacarolinee