The Cat Statue

When I was in high school, for my first two years and before I moved to a different state, I had a friend named… let’s call him Drew. 

Drew was fun! He came over to my house, and we would watch goosebumps and I would cook for him. Well, the more time we spent together and the more I learned about him, I learned about the cat statue he had. 

Now in high school I was fairly into paranormal things. I know a whole bunch about it, and a know how to keep haunted objects from causing mischief. You’ll need to keep this in mind for later. 

So the cat statue. Apparently, it was a family heirloom passed down through 3 generations of Drew’s family. Okay. That seemed normal. And then he told me the strange things about it. The statue was given to him when he was a kid, around 8 or 9, and before that nothing ever happened. But as soon as he got it, the weird things started to happen. The statue would never stay in one place–it was constantly moving, and the whole family never knew where it was. So I asked if his siblings had moved it(wanting to help but being skeptical as usual, as he had 3 younger siblings), but the statue was also moved to a very high location where a kid couldn’t reach without help. 

Drew always told me he’d wanted to get rid of it, but because it was given to him by his grandmother who lived states away, he couldn’t bring himself to. He said that it felt off, that this ceramic cast of a statue had an odd aura about it. 

And it kind of went on like that. The statue would disappear for days, and the reappear in strange places; the top of the fridge, in the cereal cabinet, in a sock drawer, in the coat closet, weird places like that. He couldn’t sleep if it was in his room, and sometimes lights wouldn’t turn on. Then the worst of it happened. 

The statue went missing again. The whole family turned over the house looking for it, and couldn’t find it. Drew was yelled at for losing such a valuable family heirloom. I don’t remember why he went to get a game from the closet that day, as it was just him and his mom, but he did. The door wouldn’t open. There was no lock on the door, and he was trying to open it. Confused, he asked for his mom’s help. She couldn’t get it open either, and told Drew to wait until his dad got home, and went back to whatever she had been doing. Frustrated, Drew tried again. And it worked! He got the door open! But then he said the light didn’t work, and he couldn’t figure it out. Just as he was about to close the door and give up, the light suddenly turned on, and the cat statue was sitting on the top shelf of the closet, items moved away from around it. He was so freaked out, that he left the house and came to hang out with me. 

Eventually, a whole bunch of us went over to his house, and me with the double-agenda of checking out that cat. As soon as I walked into his room, I felt off and uneasy, and looked around the corner at the dresser. There was the cat statue. The closer I got, the worse it got, and the more I knew I had to help. Our other friends were with us, and also knew of the cat statue. I remember their smiles dying when they saw my face. 

I went immediately home after that and made a mix of salt to ward of evil, sage to cleanse, and pepper to enhance the power of the herbal mixture. I remember thinking “I have to help,” and feeling absolutely drained after dealing with the herbs(pepper absorbs energy around it to enhance the power of a spell). Herbs in hand, I rushed back to Drew’s house. The gang was still there, and looked relieved when I came in. Drew moved a crucifix to sit on the wall above the cat, and I slowly caged the statue in. I remember accidentally bumping it into the herbs, and feeling a sense of evil. I quickly finished encircling it with the herbs, and said the Lord’s Prayer over it. 

Drew said the activity stopped after that, and that he could sleep at night without feeling like he was being watched. And then a month later, his mom decided to clean the room, and cleaned up the circle of herbs. It started all over again, and much worse than before. 

I had to move before I could fix it again, but I think they finally got rid of the statue a few years later. I haven’t talked to drew in years, but I’ll always remember the panic I saw on his face when he came over to my house that day. 

And a fair warning: never ever do what I did unless you know what you are doing. I worked with herbs previously, and I had a necklace with a protective charm on at the time.”

By: @herecomestroublr