“We used to live in a pretty old house from about the late 1800s or early 1900s. Keep in mind that I don’t typically believe in spirits, but my sister does and claims to be very perceptive and sees them often. 

It started out with just hearing creaks and footsteps, until one night at dinner, my sister’s eyes went completely blank. She started sobbing and talking about how she could “see her” and “she was trying to get in”. This freaked us all out a bit, but my sister is prone to panicking so we figured it might just be that. After this event, she couldn’t remember anything except the feeling of pure terror from that moment. 

A few days later, we heard a series of crashes. My sister keeps all her figurines and trinkets lined up on her windowsill, and something had knocked them all down in a domino-esque fashion while she’d been sleeping. She slept on a cot in my room from then on, with the door closed, but we’d hear banging on the door from the other side often. At one point, we left the door open, and I woke up with something sleeping next to me. I thought it was my dog until I looked up and nothing was there except for a dent on the bed like someone was laying down. I pushed the thing off and the dent went away. 

We had multiple people sleep over and claim that a little girl had gotten in bed with them. Some of them even asked if one of us had slept in their bed. After all this, we decided to research our house, and it turned out that a little girl was brutally killed by a man who used to live in our house in the early 1900s. A few days before we moved out (for unrelated reasons), I went up to my room to get my boxes. I saw a weird shadow and I heard a voice as clear as my own saying ‘it hurts, make them leave, kill them’ and other things like that. I said it was okay and it was over now before running down the stairs. 

Creepy ass Victorian houses. Damn.”

By: @neptunespearl