Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek


  • Human like ape creature
  • Long arms
  • Long dark hair
  • Three toes on each foot
  • Bright red eyes
  • 17 inch (43 cm) long feet
  • Seven feet (2.14 meters) tall
  • Three feet (1 meter) wide
  • Up to 300 pounds (136 kg)

Fun facts

  • Originally called Jonesville monster based on where it was first seen
  • Will attack humans
  • There are five movies based on the creature
  • There is is a gift shop in forke arkansas called the monster mart
  • Also called forke monster


  • First seen in 1946
  • Sighted again in mid 60’s
  • In 1971 it made headlines when it attacked the home of bobby and elizabeth. Elizabeth saw a dark hair creature with red that was about seven feet high on her porch. Bobby and his brother don saw it when they returned home from hunting and shot at the being then ran to the woods.
  • Bobby saw the creature again later that night. At midnight the creature pinned him to the ground. He managed to escape him with only scratches and a case of shock