White River Monster


  • Grey skin
  • Four and a half feet wide (one and a third meters)
  • Twelve feet long (three and two thirds meters)
  • Huge mouth
  • Sharp pointy teeth

Fun facts

  • Seen only in White River in Newport, Arkansas
  • Featured in season two of Lost Tapes were they talked of it’s killing of three catfish noodlers
  • In 1973 a law was based to create a refuge for the white river monster, making it illegal to harm the animal in anyway.


  • It’s an elephant seal that entered the river~ this makes sense for seeing the grey giant body that could have been exaggerated, but it’s lifespan wouldn’t correlate with sightings, and likely wouldn’t be able to survive on food in the river
  • Could be a large unidentified fish~ I mean we are constantly finding new species so this might be just an unknown species
  • An ancestor of the Xiphactinus~ The description of the river monster is very very similar to the xiphactinus.


  • Said to have tales told of it since the American Civil war
  • First official sighting was on July 1st, 1915. A farmer saw a creature that had grey skin and was “three cars long, one car wide”
  • In 1937 fishermen were having a hard time catching fish when they saw the creature
  • Bramlett bateman saw the creature in 1937 and felt it was a threat to his crops, so he tried to get permission to blow up the creature with Tnt. Officials said no but reports of it brought a bunch of people. They planned to catch it with a giant net but that failed. A deep diver went into to try and find it, but didn’t. When groups were there, over a hundred people reported seeing it.
  • It was seen again in 1971.