Fun fact! According to folklorists, all myths, fairy tales and nursery rhymes that are about some dude named Jack are talking about the same guy

What this means is, that ever single one of the following

  • Jack Be Nimble (who jumped over burning candles for fun)
  • Jack the Giant Killer (who sold his cows for magic beans then robbed and killed a giant)
  • Stingy Jack (who tricked the devil so many times he was banned from both afterlives)
  • Jack of Jack and Jill (who splattered his head open falling down a hill)
  • Jack o’ Lantern (the headless horseman spirit of halloween)
  • Jack Frost (the spirit who heralds the end of autumn and the start of winter)

Are literally the same jackass who made so many bad life choices he ended up an immortal ice dullahan with a pumpkin serving as both his head and flashlight