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Black Bird of Chernobyl

Speaking of winged creatures, sightings of the Black Bird of Chernobyl began just months before the Chernobyl disaster took place in 1986. The creature shares many of the same characteristics as Mothman: humanoid, winged, covered in dark hair, and glowing red eyes. Sightings of the Black Bird began in the days leading to the incident. Those who came across it often received mysterious phone calls and suffered terrible nightmares. Sightings continued until the early morning of April 26th when the nuclear reactor blew. Rescue workers and pilots who battled the flames and bravely helped with the evacuation told terrifying stories about a huge black figure flying from the destroyed reactor, circling the black smoke rising from it. This was the last time the Black Bird was sighted, leading some to speculate that its dark deeds were finally fulfilled.