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These images were taken by police chief Jeff Greenhaw. The entity has been called the Falkville Metal Man and was encountered in Falkville, Alabama on

October 17th, 1973. Greenhaw received a call from an anonymous woman around 10pm; she reported seeing a UFO fall and crash on the property of a man named Bobby Summerford. Upon leaving to investigate, Greenhaw remembered to grab his Polaroid camera, which is how we have these images. Once he got to the location, everything seemed to be normal. But after a few hundred yards of walking along a trail, he saw this humanoid figure that appeared to be made of metal. Startled by the camera’s flash, the Metal Man charged Greenhaw. He later noted that the entity moved as though it had springs on its feet, unlike anything human. Greenhaw got into his truck and managed to speed away and lose the creature. In the months following the sighting, bad luck befell the police chief: he lost his job, his marriage crumbled, and his house was burned down.

Greenhaw was adamant that the entity he witnessed and took photographs of was an organic being that was not of this world.