Funeral Bouquets

If I were to send a bouquet to someone’s funeral, or have a say in what is brought to mine, I would use flowers that speak volumes to me in terms of symbolism and meaning. Of course, a flower will mean something different to everyone that looks at it, but these are my thoughts on each one, and why they are the most important to me. I have divided these flowers into two bouquets, because I feel that the energies they give off would compliment each other best when separated into two distinct categories.

These can be used for death witchcraft as well. You can put them on spirit shrines, altars, ancestral shrines, and more. I plan on working with human spirits more often to help them feel at peace, so I will be using the budding repose bouquet for that. If I see anyone reaching out to me for help with coping with a death, then I would offer to help them build their own bouquet, or use my template.

Feel free to add on your own ideas for such a bouquet, and what you would want.

Budding Repose Bouquet

This bouquet was designed to help the deceased cross over, and feel at peace with the life they lived. It also acts as a comforting agent for both them and their family as they say goodbye.

  • 12 stems of Lavender – Peace, cleansing, healing, love
  • 4 stems of Lilac – Peace, innocence, cleansing, joy
  • 3 blush pink Peonies – Softness, gentleness, peace, and love
  • 6 Carnations (white) – Strength, happiness, blessings, memories made
  • 6 White Anemone Flowers (with dark center) – Peace, beauty in change, a new era dawning
  • 4 Eucalyptus stems – Cleansing, refreshing times ahead, letting go

Condolences to Each Other

This bouquet was designed to aid the mourning people the deceased has left behind, and for them to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, compassion, empathy, and love.

  • 5 white Calla Lillies – Strength, uplifted spirits, happiness, abundance
  • 6 red roses Roses – Love, strength, passion, memory, honour
  • 4 white Snapdragons – Peace, strength, solidarity, love, moving on
  • 4 purple Bearded Irises – Beauty in nature, cycles, renewity, joy
  • 7 Honey-Coloured Marigolds – New journeys, unrequited love for family, happiness, sweetness
  • 5 White Azaleas – Kindness, joy, peace, innocence, settling
  • 6 Dusty Miller stems – age, death, understanding, wisdom, care, cautiousness