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Adoptable Dogs [And Cats!] Dressed In Alien Costumes Want
You To Storm Their Shelters, Not Area 51

The Area 51 joke made headlines nationwide after nearly two million people signed up to storm the top-secret Cold War test site via a Facebook event. Now several animal shelters are jumping on the viral prank by dressing up adoptable pets in makeshift alien costumes and asking the public to storm their shelters instead of the top-secret site.

In a viral post from the Texas-based Longview Animal Shelter, officials hinted Area 51’s “second secret location” is at the shelter where plenty of “aliens” (or adorable pets dressed in tinfoil hats and makeshift alien costumes) are ready to be abducted.

“We won’t resist, you can take them all,” the shelter said in the post. “Our aliens can go home with you for the best price in the galaxy.”

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Yeah, that’s adorable. If no space aliens are found, I hope some of these sweet and fuzzy terrestrial  “aliens” find homes.