I normally don’t post these sort of things, but one of our dogs caught a terrible eye infection. The cost to give her meds is bad and while we never do these sort of donation things. It’s costing a fortune! We’re hoping a miracle happens and we can get enough money this week to pay-off her vet bills. I feel bad having to make a gofundme to help her, but if anyone can pitch in to help. I will rest assure it is all going towards her care. The vets have no idea what is wrong with her eyes, but just keeping her there is expensive and with my Dad passing… money has been tight, but we always try and do for our dog, Smush before anything. So, I’m literally on my knees crying and praying because I don’t know what to do, but my family has set up a page to help her.

Update5/31/2019: So… her GoFundMe is being updated. Vet told us it looks like her left eye is okay, but her right eye ruptured. This means she may loose her right eye if the meds do not help that eye. The problem with removal is it’s $2000 to remove it. We won’t know yet till next week if we need to remove it. Any little money donated helps out a ton.


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