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whirlingatoms: At the Edge of the Longest N…


At the Edge of the Longest Night by Catherine Hyde.

sporkart: Shuck: A very old English cryptid, …


Shuck: A very old English cryptid, with sightings dating all the way back to the 1500s. He’s seen as an omen of death, wandering dark forests and empty roads, although occasionally he simply appears and walks near travellers only to disappear into the mists that follow him. Many red-eyed ghostly dogs have been seen in England for centuries, but Shuck is the only common and named one. Sometimes he’s portrayed with just one eye in the middle of his head or even totally headless.

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cryptid-wendigo: An Endling is the last known…


An Endling is the last known member of a species or subspecies. The endling’s death means the end of the species as a whole. The word was supposedly coined by

Robert Webster in the mid 1990s. The term is used, however, it still does not have an entry in The Merriam-Webster Dictionary despite Robert trying to get it into the dictionary before his death in 2004. The endling for the Thylacine was called Benjamin.



“it’s in there” 




the year is 1888

me, the first palaeontologist to dig up a triceratops skull, whispering softly: what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuckkkk

fun fact: modern paleontologists and archaeologists have pointed to some greek vase art of mythological monsters as being evidence that the greeks dug up dinosaur skulls and were like “what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuckkkk” 

and then they did the Greek Thing and painted naked men fighting the monster 

or, well, a deeply flawed representation of what they imagined the fossil had looked like while alive, an early form of paleoart. 

but sometimes they also just. drew the skull and slapped a black blob monster onto it? anyway i love the greeks.

Hello fellow New Englander! (Massachusetts re…

Hello fellow New Englander! (Massachusetts rep 👋🏼) Have you ever heard of the sky trumpets? Because I’ve heard them on multiple occasions in the past couple of years both with family, friends and by myself and they always have the same strange, defending sound And my Abuela says they’re the angels but my friends say they’re aliens- what do you think?

hi there! And yes I have. I’ve heard them on a few occasions as well, and it’s incredibly eerie and unsettling. They’re one of the few phenomena that I can’t explain, nor put an explanation to (supernatural included).

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Strange, the way it felt like home–to wander through the dark, alone.



I found a body in the woods and reported it to the police, only to find the same man alive and well in those same woods later. I tell him, “They found your body!” and he laughs. “No they haven’t,” he says. Then he pats a big bag hanging from a tree. “It’s right in here!” 


hi guys!!! I hope you all had a good Halloween/Samhain. I’ve been wicked busy because I have a big adult job now, but hope to be more active soon. Stay spooky 👻



One of commissioned OCs, but I just fell in love.Due to many symbolic connotations with ravens, drew her as Veshnitsa-Soroka (Magpie-foreteller) — shapeshifting witch from slavic folklore.