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Everyone’s like “those Germans have a word for everything” but English has a word for tricking someone into watching the music video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

English has a lot more words created for very specific phenomena! It’s not just rick-rolling. Language is always evolving and it’s super interesting! Here’s a list of hyper-specific/untranslatable words in English.



talesfromweirdland: The Demons by Flemish pai…


The Demons by Flemish painter, David Ryckaert III (1612-1661).

The painting sometimes is referred to as The Dance of the Leprechauns (La Ronde des farfadets).

yesterdaysprint: Boston Post, December 4, 19…


Boston Post, December 4, 1920

owes her success to prophecies of ancient cat cult

factualfolklore: The Incident At Allagash    U…


The Incident At Allagash

   UFO sightings, close encounters, and even alien abductions are a widespread phenomena across the world. In Ufology, a close encounter is an event in which a person or group of people are witness to an unidentified flying object. On August 20th, 1976, one of the most infamous and well known alien abduction cases occurred. Not only is this case well known, but also incredibly well documented & supported with evidence.

   This case occurred in the wilds of Maine, specifically on the banks and forests of the Allagash river. The town itself & the river is at the tippy top of Maine, nestled next to Canada on the northeast border. This incident involves four friends who undertook a camping trip this world and themselves would never forget. All reaching the end of their college days, the four friends decided to take a relaxing trip to Maine for the summer. Much of their trip encompassed what you do in Maine for vacation: canoe, hike, camp outside, bask in nature. However, part way through their trip they began to run low on supplies. Becoming desperate, the men decided to take part in night fishing on Eagle Lake. During their time on the lake, the men would witness a blinding light, much brighter than any star… 

Close Encounter Scale: 

of the first kind: a flying object is witnessed and bears much detail. 

of the second kind:
a ufo event which a physical and environmental response is recorded. This can be interference of radios, animals reacting, heat or paralysis felt, scorched ground, etc. 

 of the third kind:
in which an actual extraterrestrial is witnessed. 

 of the fourth kind:
an event of which a person or people are abducted by a ufo.

    This light, that was clearly not any star, hovered over the tree line. The object began to switch its colors, and then came closer to the men and their canoes. All witnesses observed that the craft was 80 ft. in diameter, and made absolutely no sound. The phenomena of UFO’s making absolutely no sound when witnessed is incredibly common. Their sentiments quickly fluxed from hesitant fascination to pure panic. They paddled to the bank as swift as possible, desperately seeking cover from the craft. The light dipped down towards the friends, and engulfed them and their canoe. Within a blink of an eye, they found themselves standing on banks of the Allagash. Once they realized that a significant amount of time had passed without them fathoming, panic truly set in. However, nothing could be honestly said and done. Thus, they packed up their supplies and left, feeling rattled and dysphoric. 

   Very little was spoken between the friends after the incident. However, one out  of the group, Jack Weiner, began to experience violent and intense nightmares. Flashes of sharp metal, strange creatures with large unblinking eyes, and a blinding light within a white room began to plague him. Little did this friend know, but the other three began to be plagued by the same images. Out of curiosity and an attempt at familiarity and relief, Jack attended a UFO conference. There he met a renowned ufologist and relayed his story. This ufologist suggested that he and his friends undergo hypnosis in order to properly recount and process what had occurred. All men had been separately interviewed, and relayed identical information while hypnotized. With that, all men had been reviewed and tested by psychiatrists, and all were found stable. 

    Because of the evidence collected from all men, along with the consistent story, this case is considered one of the most unexplained yet explanatory of the existence of extraterrestrials. I heard about this case from my grandfather when I was much younger. Furthermore, many native Mainers are at least aware or have heard this story before. Within the pines of Maine therein lies a mystery that both soothes and terrifies the soul. 


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dailycryptodrawings: 817: Feejee Mermaid Move …


817: Feejee Mermaid

Move over, Ariel!

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factualfolklore: Rusalka-



“water remembers the names of her drowned. / water remembers me.” -jasmine Sierra

   All mythologies and religions possess their own version of a mermaid. A transcendental, mysterious woman who lures you to your death. She who is connected with the water and the depths. In Slavic mythos, a rusalka (plural: rusalki) is an alluring young woman who dwell in bodies of water and entice men to their deaths.

   The concept of the rusalki originated from ancient pagan folklore, and the rusalki weren’t all that ill-intended. They were beautiful bringers of fertility and life, giving moisture and water to the forest and foliage every spring. They were also believed to aid crops in being plentiful and healthy. However, somewhere around the 19th century, the rusalki were vilified. Thus transformed into the alluring, dangerous nymphs most know of them today. 

    The origins of rusalki are said to be of young women who died violent deaths, and thus become a water spirit. The rusalki haunt rivers, lakes, ponds, marshes, and other bodies of water. They are described as being beautiful yet haunting, and possessing long stringy hair. The rusalki crawl out of the water in order to vex a young man, and then lure him to his death with her guiles. 

    The story of the mermaid and siren is one we all know and resonate with. This tale stems from the fear of the unknown, the water, and of women. They are symbolic of passion and letting lust control you, rather than your wits. This archetype is known as the siren, the anima, and the seductress. Some see this archetype as a fearful response to women, but others allow it to empower them. 

fuck you're hot A+ genetics

fuck you're hot A+ genetics

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Self care is letting the Queen of Elphame sac…

Self care is letting the Queen of Elphame sacrifice you to Satan as part of her 7 year tithe to hell.

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