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The ray of blazing, scorching, devouring sunshine.



An Unmatched Giant of the Woods That Makes Its Appearance at Rare Intervals.

The enormous moose that has been the wonder of the sportsmen in northern
Maine since 1891 has again been seen, and this time under rather
different circumstances from ever before. A bicyclist came close to the
monster in the road between Sherman and Macwahoc, and was obliged to
abandon his wheel and climb a tree for safety. So he had a near view of
the animal, reports the New York Sun.

Every story that comes from the north woods concerning this moose makes
him a little bigger than before. It is generally believed that no moose
ever killed in Maine, or, so far as is known, anywhere else, has
approached in stature or weight, much less in spread of antlers, this
specter moose of Lobster lake. He is called the specter moose because
of the weird appearance he presents at night, his color being a dirty

It was in 1891 that this moose was first seen in Maine. by Clarence
Duffy, of Oldtown, a guide who was cruising around Lobster lake. Duffy
did not get near enough to the monster for a shot, but he could see him
plainly. Everybody laughed at his story. Not many months after that John
Ross, a Bangor lumberman, was at Lobster lake, and one day, while
crossing between Big Lobster and Little Lobster takes in company with
the foreman of W. L. Maxfield’s camps, he saw the big moose. When he
told his story of the monarch of the woods people began to believe that
there was something up there worth shooting at.

For some years hunters searched the woods in vain for the big fellow.
Not until 1895 was the monster seen again. In that year Granville Gray, a
Bangor taxidermist, got sight of the moose, at some little distance,
and since then he has had a second view. In 1899 Gilman Brown, of West
Newbury, Mass., got nearer to the monster than any of the others and
actually had a shot at him. He declared that the moose stood fully 15
feet high, and had antler’s from ten to twelve feet across. He was so
close to the animal that he could count 22 points on one side of his
antlers, and he thinks there were more. This is a greater number of
points than has ever been known on any other moose. His shots did not
bring the moose down.

This year the first sight of the big moose fell to George Kneeland, of
Sherman, who is taking charge of his brother’s lumber camp on Gulliver
brook. In telling of his experience Kneeland said:

“On my way back from Macwahoc, coming to a long piece of rising ground. I
dismounted from my bicycle and walked. I had got to the top of the hill
and was just about to remount, when I saw what I took to be a horse
standing in the road some distance ahead. Wondering what a horse could
be doing there, I stopped and gave him a good look, when I found to my
surprise that it was not a horse, but a moose, and an immense one, too. I
waited a bit to see what he was going, to do, but I hadn’t long to
wait, for be lowered his head and came straight for me with the speed of
a locomotive. I got to a good, stout tree as quick as I could, and
climbed high, where I would be out of reach of the moose’s antlers and
be able to see what was going on.

“Meanwhile the moose came tearing down the road, and his antlers reached
clear across the road at that place, brushing the branches on either
side. I should think they would measure 11 feet, all right enough. He
made straight for the bicycle, and, planting his forward paws either
side of it, stopped to examine the wheel, smelling of it to his
satisfaction, then raised his head, gave a tremendous snort and raced
off into the woods, breaking down the small growth of saplings as though
they were rushes. The wind was blowing toward me, and that is probably
the reason he did not discover me. I waited ten minutes in the tree, and
then, finding that he had really gone. I slid down and mounted my
wheel, and the way I streaked it for home was a caution.”

The average weight of moose shot in Maine is from 800 to 900 pounds,
with antlers spreading from 4 to 4 ½ feet, and rarely having more than 8
to 12 points on a side, while the bell, as the appendage under the
animal’s neck is called, is generally eight to nine inches long. All who
have seen the big moose of Lobster lake aver that he must weigh at
least 2,500 pounds, that his antlers spread not less than ten feet,
while the bell is declared to be not less than 18 inches long. It is
supposed that this monster wandered into Maine from British Columbia, as
none approaching his size has ever been seen in Maine before. He is a
great traveler, having been reported in almost every part of northern
Maine. The hunter who brings him down will win fame and a big pot of
money at the same time.

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Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.

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One of the oldest buildings in Hattfjelldal municipality in Nordland, Norway.



Natia Zarandia aka ნათია ზარანდია (Georgian, b. 1990, based Tbilisi, Georgia) – Furiae, 2017  Paintings: Watercolors 





I was high off my ass last night and had this dream where I was in this dense ass forest and sitting there was a tall woman. She was so tall I couldn’t see her face but she was wearing gold and I was like “uh…hi?” And she said “I made you, do you know that?” And I nodded and she was like “I hear your thoughts. Why do you hate my creation? Why do you try to destroy yourself? I made you perfect as you are. Please don’t break my heart”. Then she started crying and it flooded and I woke up with fucking heart palpitations like what does it Mean™️????

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From a tourist site for Rauris Valley, in Salzburger Land:

“Schnabelperchten are figures with long beaks, knitted jackets, patched women’s smocks and straw slippers, and are equipped with a basket on their backs, large scissors, needle and thread, along with a broom. The beak is artistically and elaborately bound from large sticks of wood and farmhouse linen. The Schnabelperchten make their way through town on the 5th of January, on the eve of Epiphany.”

By the way, they cut you open with their giant scissors if your house isn’t tidy. Better clean up before they come.

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i painted mothman in domestic bliss

[and i have prints and stickers of this painting available on my society6 🙂 ]

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Northeast – ancient cult from old country

Midwest – a monster betwixt the corn

South – that reclusive family no one dares speak of

Southwest – experiment gone wrong

Northwest – eerie unsolved murder

Alaska – something buried under centuries of ice, rising when the days draw short

Hawaii – a curse in the lava the mainlanders are too arrogant to fear

Florida – no one in Florida keeps their fucked up shit a secret




Shane trying to touch Annabelle’s glass case.