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littlecitiesnames: In the nineteenth century, …


In the nineteenth century, a morbid and curious custom has spread to various parts of the world: the photos were Post Mortem.
Post Mortem comes from Latin, meaning after death.

The photos Post Mortem apparently originated in England, when Queen Victoria asked to photograph the corpse of an acquaintance or a relative, so she can keep as a souvenir.
soon after, this idea spread around the world, keeping a morbid reminder of loved ones that have passed on.

Even today, as strange as it may seem, some places still have this custom

The girl who is standing in the photo is the one who is dead. This is a classic example of photographic art. Notice the hands. 

For people wondering how the corpse is standing up, there is a posing stand supporting the body it’s very hard to see but the stand is supporting the neck, arms and back.

paranormaldaily: So, you think the Texas Chainsaw Massacre…


So, you think the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family was real and horrible, but technically it was kinda made up, but this family was the real deal. The Benders operated this lonely little inn and store, surrounded by wide-open prairie land, between the winter of 1871 and spring of 1873 in Osage township, Labette County, Kansas. The Benders provided travelers with provisions, a meal to eat, a place to sleep and a place to die. They murdered lonely travelers as they were sleeping burying their bodies in coffins. One was even a little girl whom was buried alive with her father. As soon as the towns of Kansas figured it out. The Bloody Benders fled, and some claim to have killed them, but no proof has been shown. Till then, in 1973 the place cabin has been a tourist attraction! This is paranormal because many claim to see apparitions and screams coming for this place!

Order of Disappearances of Victims:

  •  1869 – Joe Sowers – not proven as victim
  •  1871 – Mr. Jones – body found in Drum Creek
  •  1872 – 2 unknown men – found on prairie
  •  1872 – Henry McKenzie – body mutilated
  •  1872 – Ben Brown 
  •  1872 – W.F. McCrotty        
  •  1873 – George Loncher & little girl  
  •  1873 – Johnny Boyle * – found in well  
  •  1873 – Dr. William York   
  •    ? – John Greary       
  •    ? – Unknown female     
  •    ? – Unidentified man
  •    ? – Dismembered parts of several victims


Money Taken From Victims:

  •    40 cents or $2,000 depending on sources
  •     $36, finely matched team of horses
  •     $2,600, possibly to buy claim build home
  •     $38, wagon, good horse team
  •     $1,900, possibly to buy claim 
  •     $10, red pacing mare, $850 saddle
  •     $2,000, possibly to buy claim

Found with crushed skulls and slit throats:

  • Discovered in Bender’s apple orchard