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 3D Sonogram Reveals Much! Hello. My name is Charity. In March 2011, I lost my father. We had many discussions about the paranormal and I always thought it was crazy. He proceeded to tell me that after he dies, he will appear to me, somehow, someway. Before he died, my son and his wife had their first child. My dad went to the hospital a couple times to see the baby. She was born in February 2011. Not a month later, he passed. Now my son and his wife are expecting again. She recently had to get a 3D sonogram because the baby wasn’t as developed as the doctors would have liked, that and my daughter-in-law has diabetes, which is another reason why they had to do the 3D sonogram.

She was with her mother at the time of the sonogram and didn’t see anything strange or out of the ordinary. They got in their car to leave and her mother wanted to see the printed out pictures of the new baby. As she took a glance at the picture, she noticed there was a man in the picture. After my daughter-in-law started looking at it, she recognized the man in the photo and said it looked like her husband’s grandfather that passed away.

After she had called me and told me about this picture, she sent me a copy on my phone. Sure enough, it looks just like my father. I went to their home and seen the original picture, and it is in 3 or 4 of them! I am now a believer.

I am enclosing one of the sonogram pictures and a picture of my father.



Several photos of what appear to be supernatural beings taken with his camera at this vacant Sanatorium. We’ll attach a link to those photos in the next few days. This one however, was captured on film by a guy named Jeff’s brother when touring the building with an environmental protection agency in the summer of 2011. It’s not that often that someone captures a ghost this clear on film. And by the way, ghosts have a different way of looking out a window, they simply poke their head right through the glass! [x]

This video was shot on 11/26/2011 in Panama City, Florida at…

This video was shot on 11/26/2011 in Panama City, Florida at around 9:45pm. The man claimed he was driving in his truck, saw the craft and stopped just to get a video of the aircraft. This video was featured on many paranormal shows and many find it fake, but others real. Regardless, the video is still making rounds across the web. (Via YouTube)

This video was taken on the 4th of December in 2011 in Czech…

This video was taken on the 4th of December in 2011 in Czech Republic on a dash cam during a blizzard. He saw a figure in the road and assumed someone needed help, but he soon realized the figure was transparent waving their hand. He thinks that they were trying to get his attention. The road is known for many deaths that have happened during car accidents. Maybe it’s the ghost or spirit of a person who died there trying to warn him to be careful. (Via Prima)