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if anything got marked you should submit your blog for review! its not actually nsfw you will most likely get unmarked. theres a whole thing about how to do it on shitty staffs terrible blog i think.

Thank you! I’ll do that. :3

I wake up to hear my dog growling in my room AGAIN. I get up and turn the light on to make him leave and there’s nothing inside my room. Weeks later, I lay in my bed at midnight(I sleep in one of those beds that’s rlly high off the ground, so I’m feet from the ceiling every night.) I hear a set of feet walking around in my attic. It stops as soon as I realize something’s moving up there. It takes 3 steps until it’s right above my head. I hear it kneel down, like it’s listening for something.(3/?

JESUS. I think it’s time to mcfreaking skedaddle from your area/town/house/whatever

Some other supernatural happenings (I’m the person who’s friend supposedly talked to me through a ouija board), I recently witnessed a couple manifestations of moving light in my home, as well as registering feelings of heightened anger and the hair on my neck raising shortly afterwards. I’ve also been privy to some weird things in my bedroom. My dog often tries to sleep in my room. He’s exceedingly loud at night so I usually lock him out. 1 night he was inside making nose and I led him out.(2/?

A lot of supernatural things have happened to me; I believe this is due to my fascination with the occult as a child and where I lived. A friend three years my senior died in a car accident, and some-THING using her name attempted to contact me through a Ouija board. I had been having nightmares as of late of a bridge that’s well-known in my area as a spot for recreational swimming. The bridge has always seemed ominous to me, ever since I was little. The board told me there’s a demon there.(1/?)

Hi, I’m a big fan of your blog and cryptids in general, but I have a question: do you know of any cryptids roaming the gulf coast of Texas? ~A Texan who wants to visit Maine

I thought this said gulf coast of maine for a sec and my immediate thought was: WESSIE.

Anyyyywhomst, I don’t really know off the top of my head, but here are some sites I found of testimonials & whatnot. 




4 (this link is best imo, has a bunch of excellent information concerning texas and its overall cryptozoology)

texascryptidhunter’s blogspot is pretty neat for a texan such as yourself or for others whom are interested. Come visit us here! Maine is a great place to visit and or live.

did u post everyone’s secrets from a few days ago or did you omit some?

I got over 200+ asks the other day so I didn’t really have the chance to 

are you a witch 0-o


Bro how many people that follow you are from Maine omg….. I’m in blue hill if anyone else is dfnnebebb????? It’s next 2 Ellsworth

I guess a lot??? I live in Portland suburbia

Hi im pretty sure my sister is a changeling how do i send her back to the Sidhe

leave her at a tree with some honey and tea cakes. she should be gone by morn

hey i just wanted to let you know that you're really cool and sweet! thank you for existing

thank you!