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Did this video a little over a couple weeks ago and I was alone in the house decided to help a family friend with her lottery ticket. She won the main powerball number, but that’s it. Had a ghostly visitor in the background. You can hear the voices @ 11:00 and 14:30


A Ghost hunter named Sean Reynolds,

claims to have captured the voice of a ghostly woman crying ’I never’ more than 100 years after she was ‘wrongly’ executed. The eerie footage was shot at a pub in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, which served as a courthouse in the 19th century. (Read More via DailyMail)

This video was posted in 2007. Ghost or Demon Sounds recorded on digital audio by Paranormal investigators in Philadelphia.

The person who owned the house claimed to hear loud noises in the basement. They discovered no sort of animals living in the basement or people.