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‘Bigfoot’ sighting Video in Utah mountains – Unexplained Mysteries

‘Bigfoot’ sighting Video in Utah mountains – Unexplained Mysteries

TSHT: Bigfoot

TSHT: Bigfoot

TSHT: Bigfoot

TSHT: Bigfoot

finally visited the new location!!!

finally visited the new location!!!


“I used to live in Florida in an area that pretty much had a bar and a gas station within walking distance. I had moved in with a coworker of my boyfriend’s and his family.

From the minute we moved in they claimed everything from the trailer behind theirs was haunted, to, there was a Bigfoot in the woods around their trailer. Now, I’m somewhat of a skeptic, I tend to not believe things as anything more then a story unless I personally have an experience or have proof of an actual haunting or creepy stuff happening.

Well I got my proof when I lived there. It started small; the feeling of being watched while in the bathroom or in the back rooms when I was home alone, the feeling that someone/something was in my room watching me sleep. It got so bad that when we put tinfoil in the window to block out the summer heat (most trailers don’t have central air so living in them is like living in an oven when temperatures reach over 100 degrees) I made sure there weren’t any holes because I always felt like I was going to look towards the window and see someone staring at me from outside.

It escalated shortly after that, first my roommate claimed something threw her cat off the roof, I wouldn’t have believed her if I didn’t hear the sounds of a distressed cat myself. Every time I walked outside day or night I felt like I was being watched.

Throughout these experiences I was able to rationalize most of them ‘it’s just me being paranoid,’ or ‘it’s just because the cat got in a fight with another animal,’ etc.

However there’s one thing I’ve never been able to explain away, one night I had gotten up to use the bathroom. The people I lived with were nocturnal so the hallway and bathroom lights were usually left on most of the night, after finishing up in the bathroom I walked out into the hallway and was near the backdoor when I heard three loud, and I mean, loud, knocks coming from outside the door.

Now it was about 2-3 in the morning, too late for visitors or anyone really to be coming over and everyone in the house was home. I went to open it and just as I reached for the door handle I got a horrible sense of foreboding and dread. Instead I walked to the living room where one of my room mates was and asked him if he heard the knocking.

He stated he didn’t but decided to go check outside the house anyway, he walked the entire perimeter and couldn’t find any evidence of anyone having been outside, no recent tire tracks or foot prints in the yard, nothing.

I decided to move out shortly after that experience, and still haven’t found anything to explain away the knocking.”

By: @borderlinespencerreid

The Maricoxi – Sasquatches of South America – Unexplained Mysteries

The Maricoxi – Sasquatches of South America – Unexplained Mysteries

In the early afternoon in Northern California of Friday,…

In the early afternoon in Northern California

of Friday, October 20, 1967.

Roger Patterson


Robert “‘Bob” Gimlin

were riding generally northeast (upstream) on horseback along the east bank of Bluff Creek. At sometime between 1:15 and 1:40 PM, they “came to an overturned tree with a large root system at a turn in the creek, almost as high as a room.” When they rounded it, “there was a logjam—a ‘crow’s nest’—left over from the flood of ’64,” and then they spotted the figure behind it nearly simultaneously. It was either “crouching beside the creek to their left” or “standing” there, on the opposite bank. Gimlin later described himself as in a mild state of shock after first seeing the figure. Patterson

had estimate the creature to about seven and one-half feet.

The film shows what Patterson and Gimlin claimed was a large, hairy, bipedal, apelike figure with short, “black hair”

covering it’s body.

The figure in the Patterson–Gimlin film generally matches the descriptions of Bigfoot

and remains one of the most compelling videos of Bigfoot to this very day. (VIA YouTube / Wiki)

What if one day you were wondering through the woods sometime late in the afternoon. Maybe you are…

What if one day you were wondering through the woods sometime late in the afternoon. Maybe you are…

The Skunk Ape of Florida

The Skunk Ape of Florida

Couple Captures Video of a Sasquatch in California.While staying…

Couple Captures Video of a Sasquatch in California.

While staying at a cabin in Truckee, California, a couple captured footage of what they believe shows a Sasquatch. According to the couple, the incident occurred in July of 2013.

In the video, a large humanoid figure can be seen pulling branches off of a tree. The creature then begins to walk away and notices the couple, who then flee in terror.

The couple says they were too afraid to upload the footage online or send it to someone. However, they both decided to submitted their footage to the YouTube channel “The Paranormal Review” after the channel featured a Bigfoot video captured by a man who says he was initially too afraid to show anyone else the footage out of fear of being ridiculed.

Many of those who have expressed skepticism believe the creature was nothing more than a person in a costume. Personally, I have to agree that this most-likely is just another hoax. However, we never get a clear shot of the creature, so it’s nearly impossible to say for sure just what exactly this figure was.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this footage. Do you think it shows an actual Sasquatch? Or might this simply be another hoax?


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