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Happy New Years!!! May 2018 be a great one!

Happy New Years!!! May 2018 be a great one!

Merry Christmas dear followers! Have a great d…

Merry Christmas dear followers! Have a great day!

Wierd Creaturea Monday

I would like to thank my friend John for sending me this YouTube video about paranormal creatures which contains a few I hadn’t even heard of.  Hope you enjoy it.


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be f…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be filled with fun and food.

Nine-year-old boy captures Loch Ness monster – Unexplained Mysteries

Nine-year-old boy captures Loch Ness monster – Unexplained Mysteries

Happy Halloween Everyone!Keep it spooky!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Keep it spooky!

Vacation in HellYou probably already know of several popular…

Vacation in Hell

You probably already know of several popular vacation
destinations such as Disney World, Miami Beach, or the Grand Canyon. However,
did you know that you can actually visit Hell?

Located in the Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands is Hell:
an area roughly the size of a football field filled with unique black limestone
formations. It is not known how Hell got its name, but the most common belief
is that it was because some of the earliest people to visit the location would
say “This is what Hell must look like.” It is also believed that if a pebble is
thrown out into the formations  it will
echo loudly as if the pebble is falling all the way down into Hell.  

Other than the rock formations visitors can see a bright red Hell themed post office where you can send your loved ones postcards from Hell.
You can also visit the local gift shop, Hells Gifts and Souvenirs, where Satan
himself will greet you and hand out souvenirs.

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Pongo: The Cryptid That Turned Out to be RealMany people have…

Pongo: The Cryptid That Turned Out to be Real

Many people have heard of cryptids such as Bigfoot or the
Loch Ness Monster. While there are many believers out there, there are also
those who believe that cryptids are entirely fictional. However, as the cryptid
Pongo can attest, sometimes cryptids turn out to be real after all.

For hundreds of years there had been reports of a wild man
roaming the jungles in Africa. This man was supposedly a cross between a human
and a monkey. He was extremely violent and had magical powers. This creature,
known as Pongo, had a taste for human flesh. Pongo supposedly enjoyed raiding
villages in order to carry away captives to eat later on. Some said that Pongo’s
were shapeshifters that could turn into beautiful women. They would then lure
in men only to change back into their original form once it was too late.  They could breed with humans to have half
human, half Pongo babies that would retain the cannibalistic urges of their
Pongo side.

While most believed that these reports were fictional, the
world was surprised when, in 1847, the Pongo were found to exist. However,
unlike the legends, the Pongo were not vicious man eating creatures. Instead
they were vegetarian, and cannot reproduce with humans. This animal was renamed
and is now known as a gorilla.

The discovery of the gorilla is proof that some cryptids,
despite fantastical claims, can actually exist. Sometimes it just takes time, perseverance,
and a little bit of luck to find them.


That Is No Batman

That Is No BatmanWhat if one late night, while walking home you hear a strange sound in the…

Camping Cryptids Summer is the perfect time for people to go…

Camping Cryptids

Summer is the perfect time for people to go hiking and
camping. While most out-door adventurers worry about taking safety precautions
against the weather, bugs, and wild animals, most do not even think about the possibility
of running into something much more mysterious. Yet every year, numerous
reports emerge of eerie creatures being sighted among the thick trees in the woods.
Below is a list of some of the more popular cryptids that have been sighted
throughout the years. Perhaps next time you go into the woods, you will spot
one yourself.

The Wood Devils:
Seen around Coos County, New Hampshire since the 1930s, these creatures have
been described as looking very Bigfoot-esque. They are typically around 7-9
feet tall wih long, shaggy tan-grey hair. Unlike other Bigfoots, Wood Devils
hide behind trees when they see a human coming. If there is no place to hide,
the Woods Devil will stand completely still. Throughout the years, many
outdoorsmen and campers have heard the screams of these creatures echoing
throughout the woods.

The Whirling Whimpus:
Another Bigfoot like creature, the Whirling Whimpus is said to be responsible
for the deaths of numerous lumberjacks in the North American Woods. It is said
to look like a 7ft tall gorilla, with a fat black body and legs that have
hooves,  that will hide behind a bend of
a trail while a human walks by. As soon as the victim walks closer, the
Whirling Whimpus will spin around on one hoof quickly, so as to become almost
invisible. While doing this it will make a low humming sound that seems like it
is coming from the trees above. When the prey looks up, the Whimpus will

Devil Monkeys: Devil
Monkeys are large baboon-like primates that are being spotted in forested areas
of Flagstaff Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, among other places They
are described as being 4-5 ft tall, very quick, having sharp pointed faces,
long springy legs, and 3 toed razor claw feet.
The first sighting took place in 1934 in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee,
when reports of a creature that could jump extremely high began to surface. The
first official sighting of the Devil Monkey came in 1959 as a couple who was
driving through the mountains on their way home in Saltville, Virginia when
their car was attacked. The ape-like beast left three scratches on their car.
Two days later, two nurses from the Saltville area were driving home when a
similar creature ripped the convertible top form their car. Reports continued
throughout the years, with many of them involving the Devil Monkeys attacking
local animals. One couple in 2006 came home to find a “devil-like” creature
attacking their dog.

Flatwoods Monster:
The Flatwoods Monster can be sighted in both Flatwoods and Frametown, West
Virginia. The monster is said to be about 10ft tall, and it looks like it is in
some sort of space suit or robotic armor. It has a cowl in the shape of an ace
of spades, a huge round head, two large eyes that glow green-orange. The Body
is a metallic armor structured with thick vertical pipes. The very first report
of the Flatwoods Monster came on Sept 12th, 1952 after three boys
saw a bright object fall from the sky and land in an acre of land belonging to
a local farmer. They ran home, grabbed a small search party, and went to the
farm to see what the boys had seen. Upon reaching the site, the group saw a
huge ball of fire. They also saw two small lights over to the left of the
object. When he put his flashlight on the lights it revealed a creature which
hissed and began gliding towards them before changing directions. The day after
this incident, a couple driving home had their car come to a sudden stop. A
sulfuric odor filled the air. They then saw the Flatwoods Monster standing in
front of them.

Lone Pine Mountain
This creature is a winged carnivore that lives in the West Coast.
Some believe it is related to the Jersey Devil. The animal is said to be large,
furry, multi-winged, and have razor sharp talons. Its beak also contains rows
upon rows of venomous fangs.  Sightings
began back with the early settlers, including the Forty-niners, who began
spreading the tale after numerous coyote and bobcat carcasses were found laying
about in the dessert. There were also stories of prospectors found with
unrecognizable facial features and torsos eaten clean to the bone. Although
sightings were frequent early on, they eventually diminished in the early 1900s.
Although sightings were scarce for 100 years, starting in 2003, there has been
an increase once again of reported Mountain Devil Sightings.

This cryptid has made two appearances so far. The first one was in Fresno
California while the other was in Yosemite National Park. In both instances, it
was only caught on video. The creature appears to be only around 4ft high. It
is extremely thin with a white humanoid body. However, it does not seem to have
any arms, and appears to be wearing a white gown or cloak. According to some Native
Americans, Nightcrawlers have existed on Earth for a long time. They are
thought to have come from a planet that was mostly swampland.

Jersey Devil: The
Jersey Devil is one of the most talked about creatures in cryptozoology. It is
said to terrorize the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. This creature supposedly had
huge bat wings, hooves, horns, and a forked tail. Reports of the Jersey Devil
include wailing in the forest at night, the slaughter of domestic animals,
footprints, and of course, sightings of the Devil himself. One of the most
memorable group encounters occurred during January of 1909. During this time,
the newspapers published hundreds of accounts on the Jersey Devil. Some of
these accounts included the Jersey Devil attacking a trolley and a social club.
Although there have not been as dramatic sightings recently, there are still
those who claim to have seen the Jersey Devil today. In fact, for many who
inhabit the area, it is almost expected that they will have a Jersey Devil
sighting during some point in their lifetime.