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if anything got marked you should submit your blog for review! its not actually nsfw you will most likely get unmarked. theres a whole thing about how to do it on shitty staffs terrible blog i think.

Thank you! I’ll do that. :3

Hi, your blog is AMAZING but sadly it's like one of the only quality blogs I've found of similar themes so could you tell me a few more or smth? Like similar blogs that you like and so. Sorry to bother!

I’ll make a post about my favorite paranormal blogs on here – Sometime this week. I was one of the first few back in 2010, when I first got on Tumblr, but now there are so many. I’ll see to a ‘follow forever’ type post soon! :3

I dunno if this would be considered the same-thing, but I have a book I got off of Amazon that’s…

@moonlandingwasfaked – Thank you! <33333

This got lost in my Ask Box and then came back. Sorry for the late reply. :(This is interesting….