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if anything got marked you should submit your …

if anything got marked you should submit your blog for review! its not actually nsfw you will most likely get unmarked. theres a whole thing about how to do it on shitty staffs terrible blog i think.

Thank you! I’ll do that. :3

Hi, your blog is AMAZING but sadly it's l…

Hi, your blog is AMAZING but sadly it's like one of the only quality blogs I've found of similar themes so could you tell me a few more or smth? Like similar blogs that you like and so. Sorry to bother!

I’ll make a post about my favorite paranormal blogs on here – Sometime this week. I was one of the first few back in 2010, when I first got on Tumblr, but now there are so many. I’ll see to a ‘follow forever’ type post soon! :3

Do you know of any professional quality books/guides to crypids/creatures/paranormal entities? I can only seem to find lame kids books on the subject.

I dunno if this would be considered the same-thing, but I have a book I got off of Amazon that’s…

@moonlandingwasfaked – Thank you! <33333

@moonlandingwasfaked – Thank you! <33333

okay so I went to a psychiatric unit (I’m 17 so it was for teens) for a week and I met this girl. I felt no connection other than us both being similar people. I’m not a practicing witch or psychic (don’t really know which one I am tbh) but I do read pasts and stuff naturally. anyway, me her were talking and I just started seeing a pink glow around her and I just somehow knew it was her aura. i accidentally read her aura?? how can that happen if i dont read auras? idek what they are 100%

This got lost in my Ask Box and then came back. Sorry for the late reply. :(This is interesting….