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Bizarre Happenings in Cannock Chase, England

Located in Staffordshire England is an area of forest known as Cannock Chase. Cannock Chase not only has a dark history, but has also been known for its supernatural sightings. With murders, ghosts, UFOs, a black eyed girl, black dogs, werewolves, big cats, Bigfoot, Slenderman, and even a pig man, visitors to the forest will definitely not fall short of paranormal experiences.

In the mid 1960s, a series of tragic murders took place within Cannock Chase. The first was that of 9 year old Julia Taylor, who was lured into a car by a man claiming to be a friend of her mother. Her body was later discovered by a passing cyclist. The next two murders were Margaret Reynolds, who was only 6, and Diana Joytift who was only 5. They were found together in a ditch. The final victim was 7 year old Christine Darby found beneath brushwood Fortunately in 1968, after a 10 year old escaped from a man trying to force her into his car, police were able to obtain a license plate number. This, and evidence found in his home, led to the arrest of Raymond Morris. He was convicted and later died at HMP Preston Health Facility.

Whether related to the murders or not, the area is well known for sightings of a black eyed girl. Usually black eyed children, who resemble children except for their our black eyes, are found hitchhiking or standing at your front door, asking for help. No one knows what happens if you help them. However at Cannock Chase, visitors have reported seeing a black eyed girl after hearing strange laughter emanating through the forest. Another visitor reported seeing the girl after hearing screaming.

People have also reported sightings of a pigman on the area. Legend has it that during WWII scientists conducted a series of bizarre experiments. Supposedly they abducted a woman and hypnotized her. They then impregnated her with human-pig DNA seed. The purpose of this was to create a creature that the scientist could experiment on. An entire year later, after they assumed the experiment had failed, the woman gave birth. It was no normal baby. The baby had the head of a pig. Later on the creature disappeared into the woods of Cannock Chase. Now people report seeing a man with the head of a pig creeping around.

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One of the creepiest phenomenon’s on the planet is that of
Doppelgangers. A Doppelganger is an exact double of a person. Some call it an
evil twin. It is also known in Irish folklore as a Fetch. It is generally
thought that  seeing a Doppelganger is an
omen of bad luck.

For example, in 1617 John Donne, a famous poet, saw the
Doppelganger of his wife while she was away having a baby Only later he found out
she had given birth to a still born child.

Other famous examples include Catherine the Great. One
evening while she was lying in her bed, a number of servants came in and
frantically told her they had just seen her walking into the throne room. Not
long after she suffered a stroke, which eventually killed her a couple days later. 

Elizabeth I had a similar experience. She went into her
chambers one night only to find herself already lying in bed. This double
appeared deathly ill. Only a few days later Elizabeth herself died.

Finally, Abraham Lincoln described an experience in which he
went to look at himself in the mirror, only to find a Doppelganger looking back
at him. Purportedly the image looking back at him did not match up to his own
reflection. It looked pale and sickly. When he told his wife about it, she
claimed it meant he was going to be elected for a second term in office, but would
not live to see the end of it. She was right.


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Seguin Lighthouse

Located on Seguin island is the second oldest lighthouse in Maine,
Seguin Lighthouse. Although it shines a bright light onto the sea to guide sailors
home, it is also known for its dark history.

Legend has it that in the 1850s a lighthouse keeper got
married to a young woman. Newly-wed, the keeper decided to bring his new wife to
Seguin Island. However, being isolated from everyone and everything caused the
bride to become severely depressed.  In
order to help with her depression and boredom, the keeper had a piano shipped
to the island.

This was a great way to distract his wife at first. However,
either due to only having one piece of sheet music or because she was going
crazy, she played the same song over and over again.  Eventually her husband snapped. He took an axe
to the piano smashing it to pieces. However he didn’t stop there. He then
turned the axe on the wife, hacking her to bits. Finally, after realizing what
he had done, he turned the axe on himself.

Although the lighthouse is abandoned, it is not empty.
Ghostly sounds of a piano playing can be heard emanating from the building. Also,
there are those who claimed to have seen the spirit of a man holding an axe
drifting through the site. 

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The Bridgewater Triangle

Located in southeastern Massachusetts is a 200sq foot area
known as the Bridgewater Triangle. This area got its name because of all of the
strange happenings that occur within its boundaries. It a zone that is
overloaded with the paranormal.

Here there is an abnormally high amount of poltergeist and other
spirit activities within the local areas and in residents homes.  One of the most haunted places is the
Hockomock swamp. This area is believed to be cursed by the Native Americans
that used to live here. It is also the site of a 8,000 year old Native American
Burial ground. It is said that when archaelogists opened the graves, a red
ochre bubbled up and then disappeared. No one was able to take photos of the
site as none of the pictures developed. People now here mysterious voices and
will smell smoke at random times. There have been reports of a bonfire on top
of a large rock that will disappear when a person gets too close to it. People
have also reported seeing ghostly figures dancing a ritualistic dance. Other
famous ghosts in this area include a redheaded hitchhiker on Route 44 in
Rehoboth, a spirit near the Hockomock swamp on route 138, and a ghostly truck
driver from Freetown who will blare his horn angrily at other motorists and
speed past them.

The Bridgewater triangle is also well known for its
cryptids. A Bigfoot like creature has been seen throughout the area, usually near
Hockomock swamp. In the 1970s reports of a 7ft tall creature, along with
footprints prompted the police to search for a bear. Neither human being or
bear was ever found in the area. Other than Bigfoot there have been reports of
thunderbirds. These massive birds have a wingspan of 8-12 feet and have been
spotted in Hockomock swamp and Taunton. Another mysterious report is that of a
phantom dog. It was reported that a large dog with glowing red eyes was found
killing two ponies. Supposedly the dog was as big as the two ponies were. There
have also been reports of giant snakes in the area.

Other than ghosts and cryptids, the Bridgwater triangle is
home to many UFO sightings. These sightings date back to 300 years when settlers
in 1760 saw a glowing ball of light up in the sky. Other UFO sightings include Halloween
of 1908 when UFO sightings made the local newspapers, in 1968 when five people
claimed to have seen a strange ball of light floating among the trees in
Rehoboth, A string of UFO sightings in the 1970’s, with one report in 1976 claiming
that two UFOs were seen landing along route 44, in 1994 an officer saw a triangular
shaped craft with red and white lights, and in modern times there are still
frequent reports of glowing balls of light which float over the ground a the local
dog track in Raynham.

As if the above were not enough, this area has been home to grisly
murders (including an underground bunker with chains and bindings made for
children), mysterious will-o-the wisp type lights, animal mutilations, satanic
rituals, and mysterious black helicopters that patrol the skys.


Hello dear followers and others who may see this post. Since it is Friday 13th, I thought it would be nice to reach out and see if any of you had any spooky experiences you would like to share. These can be ghostly encounters, a meetup with a cryptid, or perhaps a creepy experience involving the living. Anything goes. We’d love to hear from you

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Tonight is extra spooky due to the full moon. This occurrance is rare and hasnt happened since 2000,and wont happen again until 2049. Take the day to enjoy all things spooky and to practice any spells that take advantage of this special moonlight. Stay safe and remember, keep it spooky.

Facebook user Julie sent us this video as well as some pictures: “I live on the island of Malta, we are renovating a small farm house, we kept smelling antique perfume, poltergeist activity and voices.

In the video, you can see @0:35 mark what appears to be some spiritual activity go across the screen. What are your thoughts? (Via: Facebook Submission)