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A Story of Spooks I Guess

“So, before I start this off, I just wanna say that this isn’t my personal experience but, I have been a part of it.

So, my Great Aunt used to clean a small cabin in the middle of nowhere on the prairie. To my knowledge, you could rent this cabin for a weekend or so and kind of get a western experience if you weren’t subjected to that culture.

The cabin was called the ‘Bunkhouse’ because it contained a small and dark bedroom with two bunkbeds laid out against one wall. I also remember it had a kitchen/living room and a small bathroom.

When no-one rented the cabin, the owners of it let my Aunt stay there and she invited me to stay a weekend when I was very little. I didn’t know it was haunted at the time but, what I do remember was right when you stepped on the front porch, the atmosphere around you felt heavy. Like you were underwater. I also remember the living room being full of different decorations covering the wall. Native American artifacts, feathers, old pictures, and to top it all off there was a huge rattlesnake skin nailed to the wall. It creeped me out.

Since I only stayed there a few days, I didn’t really experience anything but years later, my Aunt told us the truth about the place. She said that when she stayed there, she would sleep on one of the bunkbeds (obviously) but, she would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of religious music. She thought maybe the owner had played the music for the horses that stayed in a barn near the cabin to calm them down night. Probably because coyotes would come out sometimes. She had later asked the owner if this was the case but, it wasn’t.

She also would hear the TV switch on in the living room but, whenever she went to check and see if it was on, it would shut off just before she came in the room.
I don’t really know if she had any other things happen to her but, once she informed the owner of what happened to her, the owner brought up dozens of stories about people who had stayed there complaining about strange happenings.

One man who stayed there apparently just walked into the bedroom and saw a lady (probably mid-20s) in an old-fashioned long red dress standing at the head of the bunkbed before disappearing.

A woman stayed there and stored her suitcase under the bed and when she was packing up to go, she peeked under it to grab the suitcase. She was then met by a young girl in a nightgown huddled under the bed.

There were many more incidents but, one that stood out to me most, was a story of a doctor who stayed there. He was kind of the skeptic when it came to these things but, he woke one night to find probably the same little girl staring at him as he was sleeping at the foot of the bed. He was a believer after that apparently.

The owner of the house had a daughter that had died years ago, but I don’t think the family had lived in that house. So, I’m not really sure what to think of who really was haunting the place if it actually is haunted.

Presently, the bunkhouse is now demolished. I don’t really know why they tore it down, but I’m guessing whatever hung around there still remains.”

By: Anonymous


“So much paranormal shit happened to me when I was a kid. One that has always stuck was when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Back then I used to randomly wake up in the middle of the night really often for no known reason. I was still sleeping in my parents bed at the time so I would just lay in bed and look around. I swear, every fucking time I’d look at the doorway to the living room, I would see two really tall figures standing there. They looked like the old farm couple in that one painting. Except they had hollow eyes and they were thinner. They never really didn’t do anything but stare back at me at first.

One night was especially weird. I woke up as usual and saw them standing there I front of the doorway again. Only this time something felt a bit more off than usual. The ceiling fan was on high and the blades were going so fast, that the entire fixture was moving back and forth. I look back at the figures and they have some really dark, creepy grins on their faces. I got scared and buried myself in the blankets, hoping they’d go away. Then all I heard was the ceiling fan spinning even faster, somehow… the beads at the end of the switches were tapping against the glass light cover furiously I peeked up out of my covers and the two figures were right next to the bed standing right over me with their ugly smiles.

I screamed bloody murder and the glass cover on the light came off and shattered on the ground. My dad jumped out of bed immediately and turned on the light to see what happened, but the two figures were gone already. I was crying hysterically and took my mom a long time to calm me down…”

By: miss_mactastic (What is the most unexplained,
supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?

Second Shadow

“My house isn’t haunted per se, but there’s definitely something hanging around in there. We built our house 19 years ago a year after I was born, it wasn’t built on any Indian burial grounds or a Civil war battle site, so growing up nothing unusual ever happened. It didn’t start until my cousin bought an Ouija board from Toys R Us, we went up to my attic, which is just an open area with a TV and couch and a short bookcase. We set it up right on the middle of the room, and let me tell you, we fucked to from the start. We didn’t try to set up any precaution cuz just in and started asking questions. Nothing happened so we just put it away underneath the couch and forgot about it.

Later that month we were watching The Omen, and (SPOILER ALERT) right as Damian’s nanny jumps off the balcony our bookcase gets pushed about two feet. It’s not light either, it takes at least two people to move it. We go downstairs and leave it alone for awhile. Now every time we watch anything spooky we hear footsteps or banging from up there. Always just up stairs. Or at least until about a week ago.

I left my phone charger in my mom’s car, the entrance to the garage is on the middle floor where my grandparents live, I grabbed my charger and headed through the door connecting the garage to the house. Being old people they like to keep as many doors as they can locked, so I started to lock the door when it caught, I looked down at the knob to see if I could figure out what was wrong and I saw my dark shadowy reflection. I didn’t noticed anything wrong until I looked a little closer, and right behind me was a thick black shadow a little taller than I was. I check behind me to see if my grandparents or my sister was coming to check who was up, but no one was there. I chalked it up to maybe being the bend in the knob creating two shadows. I run downstairs into my room and decide to just double check the knob. One shadow. Needless to say, they’ve migrated.”

By: @annaxation


“I lived in a haunted house with three roommates.

They lived there for a couple of weeks before I did and swore up and down that a young woman was haunting the house. One of them said they had some incense manually extinguished when they weren’t home. Another one said they were feeling around in the dark looking for a light switch and felt the hair on the top of someone’s head. Someone that wasn’t there when the light came on.

I, being a good and proper atheist and knowing my roommates were kinda potheads, thought it was all bollocks and that they were paranoid.

A month or so after I moved in, I was laying in bed when I heard a girl crying in the hallway. Two of my roommates were girls so I got up to do the requisite investigating and consoling. I opened my door to see who it was, only to discover that I was the only person home at that time.

I’m still not a major believer in the supernatural but I won’t rule anything out now.”

By: spuds_mckenzie (What is the most unexplained, supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?)


“I used to live in Florida in an area that pretty much had a bar and a gas station within walking distance. I had moved in with a coworker of my boyfriend’s and his family.

From the minute we moved in they claimed everything from the trailer behind theirs was haunted, to, there was a Bigfoot in the woods around their trailer. Now, I’m somewhat of a skeptic, I tend to not believe things as anything more then a story unless I personally have an experience or have proof of an actual haunting or creepy stuff happening.

Well I got my proof when I lived there. It started small; the feeling of being watched while in the bathroom or in the back rooms when I was home alone, the feeling that someone/something was in my room watching me sleep. It got so bad that when we put tinfoil in the window to block out the summer heat (most trailers don’t have central air so living in them is like living in an oven when temperatures reach over 100 degrees) I made sure there weren’t any holes because I always felt like I was going to look towards the window and see someone staring at me from outside.

It escalated shortly after that, first my roommate claimed something threw her cat off the roof, I wouldn’t have believed her if I didn’t hear the sounds of a distressed cat myself. Every time I walked outside day or night I felt like I was being watched.

Throughout these experiences I was able to rationalize most of them ‘it’s just me being paranoid,’ or ‘it’s just because the cat got in a fight with another animal,’ etc.

However there’s one thing I’ve never been able to explain away, one night I had gotten up to use the bathroom. The people I lived with were nocturnal so the hallway and bathroom lights were usually left on most of the night, after finishing up in the bathroom I walked out into the hallway and was near the backdoor when I heard three loud, and I mean, loud, knocks coming from outside the door.

Now it was about 2-3 in the morning, too late for visitors or anyone really to be coming over and everyone in the house was home. I went to open it and just as I reached for the door handle I got a horrible sense of foreboding and dread. Instead I walked to the living room where one of my room mates was and asked him if he heard the knocking.

He stated he didn’t but decided to go check outside the house anyway, he walked the entire perimeter and couldn’t find any evidence of anyone having been outside, no recent tire tracks or foot prints in the yard, nothing.

I decided to move out shortly after that experience, and still haven’t found anything to explain away the knocking.”

By: @borderlinespencerreid

“In my old house, my mom had just gotten into sewing and she got this old desk (it was the original…

“In my old house, my mom had just gotten into sewing and she got this old desk (it was the original for the machine that was in it). The only problem with it was that 1. It was old and worn down a bit and 2. It had “help me” carved into it. She overlooked that and bought it then refurbished it. 

After that things got very weird. Random noises at night that everyone would hear, doors that were left closed being found wide open, stuff getting knocked down onto the floor, etc. I was the only one that would notice a lot of these and fix them but one day I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t, so for like a week I didn’t react to any of it then the worst thing that this thing had ever done happened. 

It was late at night when I heard a loud BANG come from the bathroom so I get up to check it out. (I could tell it was in the bathroom because my room was right next to it). So when I open my door I can see the bathroom door completely open and we never leave it like that. Then when I got inside the bathroom the shower curtain was completely closed and we never leave it like that. So I quickly pull it back to see all the bottles and soap and all that stuff knocked into the bathtub. Needless to say I started reacting to what it did again.”

By: @cirilfaggus

“I was about 7 years old at the time, and shared a room with my sister in the bottom part of my…

“I was about 7 years old at the time, and shared a room with my sister in the bottom part of my house. It was big and had a spiral stair case in the corner of it. Well one night I was sleeping, but abruptly woke to that feeling of being watched. Being young I called for my sister to find comfort, but nothing came out.

I rolled over from facing the wall, and looked around to see who was watching me. This was a big mistake. It wasn’t a someone looking at me, it was a dark misty shadow figure. It wasn’t the figure that scared me, it was the vibe it pushed off. I don’t know how to explain it except it was an overwhelming dark that smothered me and made it hard to breathe.

It didn’t have a face, but it was zoned in on me. The figure moved towards me, and in that moment(being young and dumb) I covered my face with my blanket. That’s when I noticed how cold it was. You know how when you breathe under a blanket it heats up really fast and it’s hard to breathe, well that’s not how it was.

When I finally got the courage to look out again, it was still there. But then it just slid into the ground, like melting snow.

The next day I thought it was just a dream, and for a long while I did believe that it was. But then when I was 12 I was on the top floor of my house in my hallway, and I had the same feeling of being watched. I turned ready to confront my fear, and to prove to myself once and for all that it was a dream.

I had no such luck, and have forever regretted that one action of mine. In my bathroom right in front of the sink I saw the figure again. I had a feeling that it recognized me, and I knew it knew I recognized it too. We just both just stood there, and then it walked towards me, I just stared it down and once it approached the door it stopped and I felt that same cold again. And then it melted into the floor again. I haven’t seen it since, and hope I never do either.”

By: halliebear (What is the most
mysterious/paranormal thing you’ve witnessed?

Most Spooky Hotel 2017: Stanley Hotel, United StatesStanley…

Most Spooky Hotel 2017: Stanley Hotel, United States

Stanley Hotel is one of the most reportedly haunted hotels
in the entire world. It has been featured on several ghost related shows such
as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. The hotel was so haunted that it even
inspired famous author Stephen King to write his novel The Shining.

There are several “more haunted” spots throughout the hotel.
The first is room 217. This room is the most famous spot in the hotel as it was
where Stephen King got his inspiration for the Shining. It is believed that
this room is haunted by Elizabeth Wilson, or Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson was the
hotels head housekeeper. One night, during a storm in 1911, she was injured
during an explosion while lighting up the lights in room 217. Although she
survived, the traumatic experience has caused her to remain within the room
after her death. Guests within the room have reported items being moved and
their luggage being unpacked. Lights are often turned on and off. Mrs. Wilson
is also old fashioned in that she will haunt any unmarried guests who decide to
stay the night. These visitors have reported feeling a cold force come between
them while they are trying to sleep.

Two other rooms known for their hauntings are room 401 and
room 428. When the hotel first opened the entire fourth floor was where female
employees, children and nannies lived. Now visitors to the fourth floor, and
more notably room 401 have reported hearing children running around and
laughing. Room 401 also has a closet which is notorious for opening and
shutting by itself. Room 428 has its own set of ghosts. Visitors to this room
have heard furniture moving and footsteps moving above them, even though it is
physically impossible for anyone to go onto the sloped roof. There is also a
cowboy who will appear to visitors at the corner of the bed.

Another spot that is haunted in the hotel is the Concert
Hall. It is believed that one of the ghosts in the concert hall is Paul. Paul
was known to do a little bit of everything around the hotel. One of his jobs
was to enforce the 11pm curfew in the hotel. Now guests who stay out late at
night will sometimes hear a voice tell them to “get out.” Paul is also known to
occasionally nudge guests and workers. Another spirit to haunt this location is
the hotel founder’s wife, Flora Stanley. Flora can be heard playing the piano.
A third spirit named Lucy is also known to act up. She will often communicate
with ghost hunters by flickering flashlights on and off. No one knows who Lucy
was in life, although it is speculated that she was either a runaway or a
homeless woman.

Other haunted locations at the Stanley hotel include the
Grand Staircase, the Vortex and the Underground Caves. The Grand Staircase is
believed to be a spot where many of the ghosts pass through. The apparition of
a woman has also been seen by multiple guests descending the staircase. The
Vortex is where it is believed many of the ghosts travel through as it is a
natural spiral of energy. The Underground Caves is another spot thought to
attract ghosts due to its high volume of limestone and quartz (two materials
believed to trap spiritual energy). Visitors to this area have reported shadow
figures, voices, and cold breezes brushing past them.


“As far as haunted houses go, mine is pretty intense. We have had several experiences over several…

“As far as haunted houses go, mine is pretty intense. We have had several experiences over several years, but this one is my favorite.

I walk in from the garage door with my brother and sister. There is a door to your left when you come in that is the downstairs bathroom that leads to a bedroom. My bedroom. We are all talking and coming through the door, everything normal, when the bathroom door SLAMS shut. The lights come on in the bathroom and you heard a woman’s voice yell ‘OUT’. At first I believe it is my sister and we must have walked in on her when she was using the bathroom. I go around the house to the other door to the bedroom and enter. Lights out. Window locked from the inside.

I go to check the other door leading to the bathroom. Locked as well. You can hear the sweeping motion of feet as well as a shadow pacing the floor. I use a coat hanger to unlock the door after screaming for whoever it was to answer and that I was armed (I believe I had a large metal rod).

I turn the knob. Open the door. A huge wave of cold air floods the room from the bathroom. No one was there. My sister was at a friend’s house. The house was completely empty and locked up tight.

An elderly woman passed away in the house in the late 1970’s. My room was her room because it was handicap accessible.”

By: CaptainRealObvious (Have you ever had an unexplained or
paranormal experience?

“I feel like I’m haunted by a little boy. It’s really weird, it seems to have followed…

“I feel like I’m haunted by a little boy. It’s really weird, it seems to have followed me through childhood, into adulthood. 

The first time I remember anything unusual (besides general noises, feelings of being watched, giggling) was when I was about 9. I had a bunch of stuffed animals that I kept in this little nook above my bed  One day when I woke up, I was heading out of my room and I noticed one of them on the floor in my doorway. I didn’t think anything of it, just picked it up and put it away.

The next day the same thing happened. Then every day for a week the same stuffed animal was sitting in my doorway. After the week ended it never happened again, but I was now weirded out.

My dad’s cousin used to always buy me these porcelain dolls–I was pretty indifferent to them since I was more of a tomboy–but they were still set up in my room to make them happy when they came to visit. One night I had this terrible dream that they were whispering about me, and that the older ones were jealous of the new addition. I woke up and quickly flicked on my light, only to see them sitting on my floor in a circle. I freaked out and told my dad I didn’t want my brothers playing tricks on me, he told me they couldn’t be, they were at their mother’s house. 

I got rid of all my dolls after that, but my mother kept one that was hers. It had this white/ blonde hair and ice blue eyes. We moved to a new place and she kept it in the kitchen, down the hall from my room. I’d had this fear that it was alive for some reason. I started shutting my door at night for fear it would get me (I had watched The Puppet Master and I now was even more scared of dolls).

One morning I woke up and it was literally staring at me from the desk across from my bed. The thing was, it’s eyes were now this pink/ red colour. I freaked out and told my mother to get rid of the doll. She said its eyes were just sun damaged, but she didn’t know how it got in my room.

I’ve had lots of experiences waking up and feeling like something was watching me. I’ve also heard giggling and whispers. But recently I moved in with my boyfriend, and I actually saw the figure for the first time.

We were laying in bed, watching Netflix and I paused it to go pee. When I opened the door it was like this little boy was running down the hall to the bathroom–he slowed down when I opened the door, looked at me and smiled as he kept walking into the bathroom. I felt this chill go down my back and I just closed the door and sat back down on the bed. 

It was so real, he was transparent but I could tell he had blond hair and brown eyes. He had on a blue shirt and a really old-fashioned hat. I don’t know if it’s been him all these years, or if it was more then one ghost or not. He looked a little shocked that I could see him when I opened the door, but not threatened.”

By: Hedwig- (Have you ever had an unexplained or paranormal experience?)