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joekyo: 轆轤首 – Rokurokubi (potter wheel neck) R…


轆轤首 – Rokurokubi (potter wheel neck)

Rokurokubi are normal women by day, but at night they gain the ability to stretch their necks to ridiculous proportions.

It is said that rokurokubi live undetected during daylight and may even take mortal husbands trying to keep their demonic forms secret. They are tricksters by nature, however, and their compulsion to frighten and spy on human beings is hard to resist. Some rokurokubi thus resort to revealing themselves only to drunks, the sleeping, or the blind in order to satisfy these urges.

Other stories say that the rokurokubis were humans who had broken Buddhist law. They feast on the blood, favoring that of those who had also broken religious doctrine.

Wierd Creaturea Monday

I would like to thank my friend John for sending me this YouTube video about paranormal creatures which contains a few I hadn’t even heard of.  Hope you enjoy it.


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Loving The Dead

Despite differences in any society or culture, you could find in many of their folklore common imaginary about the supernatural. Since the earliest human civilization, there have been stories about people returning from the grave needing to feed upon humans to substance themselves. Legends of these creatures are told across the global including Japan with its folklore holding some morbid myths…

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Here Kitty, Kitty

In Japan, yokai is a general term given to demons, monsters, and spirits mentioned within folklore. In some of the legends, these supernatural entities were once in life human, an animal or even an ordinary household items. Several yokai born resulted from the anger and hatred creatures felt for the mistreatment at the hands of humans. Even abused household pets may transform into a malevolent…

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