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CIA Russian documents released of SU use of Black Magic, Psychics, and Mind Control. (VIA: Twitter

Facebook user Julie sent us this video as well as some pictures: “I live on the island of Malta, we are renovating a small farm house, we kept smelling antique perfume, poltergeist activity and voices.

In the video, you can see @0:35 mark what appears to be some spiritual activity go across the screen. What are your thoughts? (Via: Facebook Submission)

A ghostly apparition appears on video for a man searching for a ghost girl out in the woods of their house. This person had filmed her before in previous videos on their channel. This was the first time they actually caught her. (Via: YouTube)

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The Scariest Urban Legends in each state. Terrifying Creatures and Ghost Stories (Via: TitleMax)

The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs:

In a statement provided exclusively to The Post, a Department of Defense spokesman said a secret government initiative called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program “did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena.

Submitted to us by OP: Kasey on Facebook – They went on a ghost hunt about 2 years ago in a graveyard at Henryville, IN. They snapped a couple photos and this is the first picture. I brightened it and to me it looks  like someone leaning against something in the distance. What are all of your thoughts? (Via: Facebook Submission)



Resurrection Mary

In 1934, sixteen-year-old Mary was a regular at the O’Henry Ballroom, which still stands today (although it is now the Willow-brook). She got into an argument with her boyfriend on the dance floor, and left the ballroom. She was walking home along Archer Avenue, and right about the time she was passing Resurrection Cemetery, a car swerved out of control, and struck and killed her. Her family was heartbroken and had her buried in the cemetery she lost her life in front of, still in her dancing gown and shoes. And that is how this story ends. Until five years later, at least….

It was now 1939, and Jerry Palus was yet another regular at the O’Henry. He spotted a beautiful blonde girl across the room, and asked her to dance. They danced the entire night, with the young lady barely uttering a word. He offered her a ride home when the night was through, and she accepted. When they were passing Resurrection Cemetery, she quickly told him to stop and let her out there, instead of taking her to the address she had given him. She disappeared at the gates.

The next night, Jerry went to the address that was supposed to be her final destination. The woman said there was no girl that lived there, and he was mistaken. He spotted a picture on the mantlepiece of the young lady he had danced with the entire night. The woman explained that she was her daughter, and that she had been dead for five years.

To this day, people see the girl walking along the road. They give her rides, only for her to disappear from the vehicle. Some say they have danced with her, others claim to have even kissed her. On one memorable event, in 1977, somebody even claims to have seen a girl behind the cemetery gate, grasping the bars in what can only be described as a death grip, and screaming in pure terror. The man who witnessed this traveled to a police station. When the authorities arrived, there was no sign of anybody. But the two metal bars she had appeared to be gripping were bent and twisted, with what seemed to be finger marks embedded in them. The bars were removed, and it was determined that such distortion could only be achieved through extreme heat and pressure. They eventually reformed and replaced the bars, but they consistently revert back to the charred and mangled state.

Joshua Higgins and Heather Brough, said they believe their Highland, Michigan, home is haunted after they saw footage of what they believed to be a ghostly figure wandering around their daughter, Lily Higgins’ crib. In the video, Lily suddenly stands up and looks around as the figure appears to walk across one side of the room. (Via: People / YouTube)